Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Professor Dan Ravicher's Challenge to Gene Patents

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a major case that invalidates patents on two genes associated with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. The case was brought by Professor Dan Ravicher of Cardozo School of Law, along with the ACLU.

Professor Betsy Ginsberg Quoted in Newsweek Regarding Historic Settlement

LeslieAnn Manning, a trans woman, has been awarded $100,000 in damages after she claimed she was raped at a men’s prison in New York. It is believed to be the largest settlement ever offered to a trans person in a case of sexual assault in a New York State prison.

Professor Yankah Comments on Cohen Investigation on MSNBC

Tuesday, April 17 - Professor Ekow Yankah appeared on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber, to offer analysis on the investigation of President Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen.

“This is a difficult case because we’re so engaged in this reality television presidency,” Yankah said. "For the average viewer, it's slow...but this investigation is going incredibly quickly."

To watch the complete interview, click here.

Professor Suk on Gender Inequality and the Infrastructure of Social Reproduction

She lists the various challenges mothers face in the workplace, including the "second shift" of caregiving work to raise families, absence of paid parental leave, absence of pregnancy accommodation, and a public education system designed around the norm of one non-working mother.

Governor Andrew Cuomo Visits Cardozo, Signs Democracy Protection Act

Wednesday, April 18 - Governor Andrew Cuomo signed New York State’s Democracy Protection Act into law, at Cardozo School of Law with Dean Melanie Leslie, Yeshiva University President Dr. Ari Berman, students, and faculty looking on. 

The new law will require greater transparency for digital political advertisements during New York elections.

Professor Zelinsky Quoted in Law360 on SCOTUS Case on Internet Sales Tax

“I think the key issue is going to be: Why should we decide this case when Congress can legislate?” Zelinsky told Law360.

Professor Zelinsky Comments on SCOTUS Railroad Stock Case in Law360

“Most of us would agree that if you were writing the statute today, stock options would be included in compensation, and the question is to what extent you should read the statute with a little more liberality and a little more flexibility,” he said.

Professor Adams' Article in The New Yorker Examines the Fair Housing Act's Impact Over 50 Years

April 11, 2018 - Professor Michelle Adams' piece in The New Yorker titled "The Unfulfilled Promise of the Fair Housing Act" takes a detailed look at the Fair Housing Act.

When the Act was first passed, Adams says, "the law successfully made these individual acts of explicit racial discrimination in housing transactions illegal, and residential segregation by race has since declined. But the Fair Housing Act has never fully delivered on its promise to promote and further integration."