Professor Rosenfeld Chairs World Congress of the International Association of Constitutional Law

Professor Michel Rosenfeld was an important participant at the 10th World Congress of the International Association of Constitutional Law (IACL), of which he is President Emeritus and was President from 1999 to 2004.

Professor Getgen Kestenbaum's Article on Anti-Blasphemy Laws Detailed in The American Spectator

"Observed Fiss/Kestenbaum: 'Allegations of blasphemy can serve as a pretext for religious extremists to polarize society and to foment hate and riots.'"

Professor Shaw's Article Wins American Constitution Society's Cudahy Award

Professor Kate Shaw’s Texas Law Review article Beyond the Bully Pulpit won the American Constitution Society’s Cudahy Award on Regulatory and Administrative Law. Seventh Circuit Judge David Hamilton presented her paper at the ACS National Convention in early June. Congratulations to Professor Shaw!

Professor Martin Stone's Recent News and Presentations

Professor Martin Stone's recent news includes: Presented in April 2018 at the Dimensions of Normativity Conference at Purdue University

Professor Wu Speaks on the Law and Science of De-Identification

In the context of legal compliance, the aim of de-identification is to turn personal data into non-personal data while still maintaining the data's usefulness. To what extent does de-identification work?

Professor Weisberg's 20th Anniversary of His Guggenheim Grant

The grant permitted him to explore in British libraries and archives the common law roots of some central U.S. First Amendment doctrine and theory.

Professor Goodrich Publishes Chapter, Gives Lectures in London

Goodrich published "Faces and Frames of Government" in Desmond Manderson (ed), Law and the Visual: Representations, Technologies, and Critique (Toronto: Toronto University Press, 2018).

Professor Michel Rosenfeld's Recent Publications, Conferences and Talks

"Can Democracy Survive Fractured Freedom of Speech?" This Century’s Review: Journal for Rational Legal Debate (June 2018 issue) (forthcoming)

Can the President's Words Be Used in Court? Professor Shaw Speaks to BYU Radio

May 29, 2018 - Professor Kate Shaw talks to BYU Radio about some of the legal questions surrounding President Trump's speech: how the courts are handling the President's campaign rhetoric when considering the administration's travel ban case, and last week's decision by a federal judge that the President cannot block people on Twitter. Professor Shaw on the Twitter case: