Professor Pearlstein Writes in Balkinization on Proposed Authorization for Use of Military Force Bill

Professor Deborah Pearlstein writes on Balkinization about a bipartisan bill pending in Congress that would further "delegate Congress' war power to the President."

Professors Pollack and Sterk Present 'Professors' Corner' Webinar

The webinar will be on the governance of homeowners associations and the review to which they are subject in court.

Blockchain and the Law Reviewed in Fortune

Professor Aaron Wright's book Blockchain and the Law, co-authored with Primavera de Filippi, was reviewed in Fortune magazine.

Wright Co-Authors Blockchain and the Law

Professor Aaron Wright, founder and director of Cardozo’s Tech Startup Clinic, has co-authored Blockchain and the Law, which is a bestseller on Amazon’s science and technology and network storage and retrieval administration book lists.

The book explores the development and goals of blockchain since its inception in 2009, and its myriad of uses which include expedited payment systems and smart contracts. Wright and co-author Primavera de Filippi also explore ideas for new governance and regulations being put into place to effectively protect the technology and its users.

Professor Jessica Roth's Article on Informant Witnesses Cited in FiveThirtyEight

An article in FiveThirtyEight looks at what would happen if President Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen will help Robert Mueller, and whether if he does his testimony can be trusted. Writer Maggie Koerth-Baker cites Professor Jessica Roth's American Criminal Law Review Article Informant Witnesses and the Risk of Wrongful Convictions.

Professor Gabor Rona Speaks at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

Professor Gabor Rona spoke at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, which was held from April 16-27, about the use of private security contractors in extractive industries operating on indigenous community lands.

Professor Goodrich Publishes Chapters in Two Books

Peter Goodrich, ‘Aquatopia: Lines of Amity and Laws of the Sea’, was published in Anthonny Carty and Janne Nijman (eds), Morality and Responsibility of Rulers: European and Chinese Origins of a Rule of Law as Justice for World Order Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018.

Professor Wu to Speak About Data Privacy at University of Lisbon

Professor Felix Wu will speak at a conference at the University of Lisbon in Portugal on April 27, 2018 titled "Data Protection in the EU and in the USA." His talk will be on "Narrowing the Gap Between European and American Approaches to Privacy."