Dean Diller Receives AALS Rhode Award for Achievement in Public Service

Recognizing Dean Matthew Diller’s leadership in legal education and public service, the AALS Section on Pro Bono and Public Service Opportunities awarded him with the 2014 Deborah L. Rhode Award. Dean Diller has a decades-long record of distinguished work in public service, which includes legal representation, scholarly research, public advocacy, and innovative leadership in legal education.

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Professor Dan Ravicher's Challenge to Gene Patents

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a major case that invalidates patents on two genes associated with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. The case was brought by Professor Dan Ravicher of Cardozo School of Law, along with the ACLU.

Professor Pearlstein Writes in Balkinization on Proposed Authorization for Use of Military Force Bill

Professor Deborah Pearlstein writes on Balkinization about a bipartisan bill pending in Congress that would further "delegate Congress' war power to the President."

Professors Pollack and Sterk Present 'Professors' Corner' Webinar

The webinar will be on the governance of homeowners associations and the review to which they are subject in court.

Professor Buccafusco Addresses Copyright Law and Creative Spaces

Professor Christopher Buccafusco's article in The Recorder focuses on copyright law and how in the music industry, legacy artists are causing problems by limiting the creative space for younger artists who are trying to find a niche.

Professor Reinert's Op-Ed in the Huffington Post: We Need to Treat Solitary Confinement Like the Human Rights Abuse It Is

Professor Alexander Reinert writes an op-ed in the Huffington Post on the need to end solitary confinement in jails throughout the country. He says that the courts will need play a big role in finding that solitary confinement violates the Eighth Amendment.

Professor Markowitz Focuses on Policy Preventing Undocumented Immigrants from Obtaining Driver's Licenses

May 14, 2018- Professor Peter Markowitz, director of Cardozo’s Immigration Justice Clinic, wrote an op-ed in the Daily News critiquing the current New York State policy that requires proof of legal immigration status in order to obtain a driver’s license and urging Governor Andrew Cuomo to change this policy. In 2001, then-Governor George Pataki adapted this policy, which became a tremendous problem for immigrants in areas where driving is a necessity.

Blockchain and the Law Reviewed in Fortune

Professor Aaron Wright's book Blockchain and the Law, co-authored with Primavera de Filippi, was reviewed in Fortune magazine.