Michelle Adams Publishes Book Review in The New Republic

Professor Michelle Adams' review, titled "The Integration Success Stories," analyzes Rucker C. Johnson's new book "Children of the Dream: Why School Integration Works."

"If we already had data as long ago as the 1960s to support the benefits of integration, what does Johnson add that’s new?" Adams writes.

Professor Nash Published in Journal on Migration and Human Security

Professor Lindsay Nash published a short essay in the Journal on Migration and Human Security (JMHS), a publication of the Center for Migration Studies. In the essay, Nash explores the challenges of the "universal representation movement," which advocates that those facing deportation should be entitled to counsel regardless of their case or status.

Read and download the essay here.

Professor Zelinsky Cited by Utah Supreme Court

The Utah Supreme Court cited Zelinsky in Steiner v. Utah State Tax Commission.

"The Supreme Court affirmed in part and reversed in part the judgment of the tax court allowing a second set of deductions sought by Robert and Wendy Steiner on their tax returns but disallowing the first set of deductions, holding that neither set of deductions was mandated by the United States Constitution or the Utah Tax Code."

Read more on the opinion in Justia.

Professor Chris Buccafusco Talks to Rolling Stone and The Wall Street Journal about Katy Perry Copyright Case

Professor Chris Buccafusco spoke to Rolling Stone and The Wall Street Journal about the Katy Perry copyright case. He said in Rolling Stone, "The world of musical composition is not that broad, and it’s certainly not that broad when it comes to things like bass lines. Most musicians are working in a finite innovation space.

Professor Sam Weinstein Comments on T-Mobile/Sprint Merger in NY Times and Wall Street Journal

Professor Sam Weinstein was quoted in The New York Times regarding the T-Mobile/Sprint merger. “There is a lot of criticism of the agencies that they are not doing enough about big tech and this is a way to respond to that criticism," he said.

Professor Michelle Adams Discusses Milliken vs. Bradley on NPR and Integrated Schools

On the 45th anniversary of Millken vs. Bradley, Professor Michelle Adams spoke to NPR and was a guest on The Integrated Schools podcast. She told NPR, "The story was the story of American apartheid."

Professor Alex Reinert Named Max Freund Professor of Litigation & Advocacy

Professor Alexander Reinert has been named the Max Freund Professor of Litigation & Advocacy, the chair formerly held by founding faculty member Arthur Jacobson.

Professor Jessica Roth Discussed the Epstein Case on PBS and CNN

Professor Jessica Roth appeared as a guest on PBS NewsHour and CNN to discuss the Jeffrey Epstein case.

"So, in a sense, he was shifting blame to the state prosecutors who initiated the case, saying they weren't tough enough in the first instance," she said on PBS.

Watch the PBS clip here.

Professor Michael Herz Quoted in The Hill on Census Debate

Professor Michael Herz was quoted in an article in The Hill titled "Trump's Census Opponents Warn the Fight Isn't Over."

“They need meaningful reassurances from the government that, in fact, the information won't be used for enforcement, deportation, other sorts of purposes,” Herz said.

Read the full article here.

Professor Myriam Gilles Comments on Forced Arbitration in Kiplinger's

Chase is the latest corporate entity to impose mandatory arbitration policies on its cardholders. Professor Myriam Gilles commented in Kiplinger's that in a settlement several years ago some issuers entered a moratorium on arbitration clauses, but that has since expired, and "attorneys would be hard-pressed to pull together a class action with the consumers who do opt out." Read the article.