Professor Kate Shaw Talks Impeachment on ABC; Cited in New Yorker piece on Justice Kagan

Professor Kate Shaw analyzed the impeachment hearings as they unfolded on ABC News, saying "The no quid quo pro case has been falling apart for some days. Today you see...everyone involved really on both sides, both on the U.S. side and eventually on the Ukrainian side, understand there is this linkage." 

Adjunct Professor Justin Braun Receives Prosecutor of the Year Award

Adjunct Professor Justin Braun, Senior Appellate Attorney for the Bronx County District Attorney's Office received the award for Prosecutor of the Year, Appellate Advocacy, by the District Attorneys Association of the State of New York and the New York Prosecutors Training Institute. He was presented with the award July 13, 2019, in Cooperstown, New York.

Professor Ekow Yankah is Guest on Radio Show to Discuss Paying NCAA Athletes

Professor Ekow Yankah discussed his views on whether NCAA athletes should be paid on WFAE's "Charlotte Talks." He said: "I think the system is broken and what's the best way to fix it? If we want to fix the system we don't do it by collapsing the things that are valuable about college education...we should find ways to make sure that the degrees these students get are worthwhile."

Listen here.

Professor Jessica Roth Talks about Impeachment Inquiry on MSNBC

Professor Jessica Roth spoke on MSNBC about the impeachment process, saying, ""if [Giuliani] is pursuing the President's personal interests then he is not pursuing the country's interests and that's where the President is in trouble. The impeachment inquiry is going to be about whether he abused his power by pursuing his narrow, personal interests rather than the interests of the United States of America."

Ellen Waldman, Visiting Professor from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Serves as Interim Director of Cardozo's Mediation Clinic

Professor Waldman is leading the 2019-2020 Mediation Clinic, where she looks forward to helping students hone their communication skills and reflect on how the mediator's tool-kit can be deployed, both in the third party neutral stance , as well as in an advocacy role. Attorneys must be skilled in locating their clients' underlying interests, reframing inflammatory remarks, listening capably for forward movement, and responding to strong emotion with care and empathy.

Professor Jessica Roth Was a Guest on WNYC's The Docket

Professor Jessica Roth was a guest on WNYC's The Docket to talk about impeachment and Rudy Giulian's role in President Trump's dealings with the Ukraine: "It's possible that Giuliani could be considered a principal in a campaign finance violation because the campaign finance laws make it a crime to solicit or accept anything of value from a foreign entity," Roth said.
Listen to the WNYC clip here.

Professor Kate Shaw Appeared on Good Morning America and This Week to talk Impeachment and Process

Professor Kate Shaw appeared on Good Morning America September 30 to talk about the possible impeachment of President Trump, saying, "The whistleblower complaint this week is the beginning of a process. And the Democrats on the Hill are going to want access to information and to testimony...they're going to be pretty focused on what they ask for. And I think we're all going to be watching closely to see what the White House does."

ACLU, Professor Alex Reinert and Paul, Weiss File Federal Lawsuit, Seeking Damages for Traumatized Children and Parents Torn Apart by Illegal Family Separations

The American Civil Liberties Union, along with co-counsel Professor Alex Reinert and Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP,  filed a lawsuit in Arizona federal court on October 3 seeking damages on behalf of thousands of traumatized children and parents who were forcibly torn from each other under the Trump administration’s illegal practice of separating families at the border.  The case, A.I.I.L. v. Sessions, alleges violations of the Fourth and Fifth amendments against the defendants.

Professor Chris Buccafusco Comments on Patent Lawsuit in Yahoo Finance

Professor Chris Buccafusco was quoted in Yahoo Finance, in an article focusing on Nike's patent infringement lawsuit against Skechers.

Michelle Adams Publishes Book Review in The New Republic

Professor Michelle Adams' review, titled "The Integration Success Stories," analyzes Rucker C. Johnson's new book "Children of the Dream: Why School Integration Works."

"If we already had data as long ago as the 1960s to support the benefits of integration, what does Johnson add that’s new?" Adams writes.