Professor Betsy Ginsberg Quoted in Newsweek Regarding Historic Settlement

LeslieAnn Manning, a trans woman, has been awarded $100,000 in damages after she claimed she was raped at a men’s prison in New York. It is believed to be the largest settlement ever offered to a trans person in a case of sexual assault in a New York State prison.

Cardozo Immigration Justice Clinic to be Honored for Work on Combating Attorney Fraud

Make the Road New York's "Briefing from the Grassroots" event on April 19, 2018 at Shearman & Sterling will feature Cardozo clinic students and professors who have worked on this important issue.

Securities Arbitration Clinic Students Attend Public Meeting of the Investor Advisory Committee at SEC

Cardozo Securities Arbitration Clinic students Armando Martinez '19, Cristiana Modesti '18 and Ishara Quick '19 attended the Public Meeting of the Investor Advisory Committee on March 8, 2018, at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington, D.C.

Politico: "New York Faces Hometown Hit From Trump," Professor Markowitz Weighs In

Professor Peter Markowitz comments in the article on whether he thinks de Blasio should be meeting with Trump about immigration. "The president seems motivated to use immigration to divide communities and rile his base by activating kid of the worst instincts in people," Markowitz said. "That said, that doesn't mean that in all circumstances we shouldn't try to have a conversation. I am pessimistic but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't try."

Professor Wright in Bloomberg Law on Blockchain's Impact on Law Firms

January 9, 2018 - Professor Aaron Wright is quoted in Bloomberg Law on blockchain's impact on law firms. The article states that lawyers have become more and more interested in blockchain law over the past few years. 

"The more people started looking at blockchain technologies, the more it became clear that what we're talking about its reimagining the way we do commerce," said Wright in the article. "A big part of that equation is the legal industry and lawyers."

Intensive Trial Advocacy, ITRANS in Full Swing at Cardozo Law

In January, 130 Cardozo students participate in one of the most intense and longest running trial boot camp programs in the country. The Intensive Trial Advocacy Program (ITAP) is a key component of Cardozo’s hands-on training, turning the courtroom into a learning laboratory where students can put their practical skills to work and gain invaluable input from top trial attorneys and professionals in the field.

Innocence Project Frees Wrongfully Imprisoned Man; Immigration Justice Clinic Works to Prevent Deportation

December 21, 2017 - The Innocence Project and the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office together sought and achieved justice this week for Mark Denny, a New York City man who spent nearly 30 years behind bars for rape and robbery. He was set free after prosecutors asked to vacate his conviction because he had been falsely identified.

Bet Tzedek Clinic Gets Preliminary Relief for Young Girl with Disabilities

November 17, 2017 - The Bet Tzedek Civil Litigation Clinic’s preliminary injunction request was granted in a case involving a young girl with cerebral palsy. The girl’s parents, represented by Professor Leslie Salzman and Samantha Smith ’18, sued the NY State Department of Health, claiming that the Health Department uses an uneven standard to improperly refuse to provide Medicaid patients with medically necessary speech-generating devices. The girl’s parents wanted the agency to cover a device known as the Tobii I-12, which can track eye movement.