For media inquiries, please contact:

John DeNatale, Assistant Dean of Communications and Public Affairs, or 212.790.0237

Julie Schneyer, Writer, Communications Associate, or  212.960-0318
Jacqueline Reeves, Director of Media Relations and Communications, or 212.790.0837 


We draft press releases to publicize news from Cardozo Law and media advisories to inform the press about upcoming Cardozo Law events. In addition, the Cardozo Law website provides online information about faculty news, campus events and activities, press releases and media advisories. Visit the news feed to browse the law school's happenings. To browse faculty by area of expertise, click here.

Additionally, we disseminate Cardozo Law news on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.


The Cardozo logo is used on all publications, clothing, and stationary to help reinforce Cardozo’s visual identity and recognition. The logo, which is in a font called Veljovic, can be used by itself, or can be used with the line of type beneath it. The line of type is in a font called Frutiger. Veljovic and Frutiger are the fonts that are used in most publications. The horizontal version of the logo is for print materials only. The stacked version is for digital communications only.

The official Cardozo blue color is PMS 7460. Other approved and acceptable colors for print projects are silver PMS 7543, black, and white. Contact the Office of Communications & Public Affairs at to request the logo in JPEG, PNG, CMYK or EPS format.

Faculty Photos

The law school has a limited selection of photos of events and members of the Cardozo community, including most full-time faculty members. They are available in JPEG format with a resolution of 300dpi. Please be aware that if you use any of our images you must credit Yeshiva University. Send us an e-mail at indicating why you need the photo, and the Office of Communications and Public Affairs can e-mail the photo to you.