Professor Hamilton published with student Lana Seligsohn, “Religion Governed by the Rule of Law in Human Rights,” ABA Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities Journal. “RLUIPA Is a Bridge Too Far: Inconvenience Is Not Discrimination,” 39 Fordham Urb. LJ 959 (2011-12) will be reprinted in the Zoning and Planning Law Handbook, an annual publication containing law review articles from the preceding year that represent important contributions to the literature of zoning and land use law.

In other news, Professor Hamilton spoke at Drake University School of Law on "The Constitution and Child Protection from Religious Actors;" she presented "Insiders and Outsiders under the Establishment Clause and in the Clergy Sex Abuse Cases," at a conference in honor of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, In Search of a "Grand Unified Theory": Thirty Years with the Endorsement Test, Charleston Law Review and the Riley Institute at Furman University.


She was a speaker on Public Policy in Favor of Reforming Statutes of Limitations for Child Sex Abuse Victims, hosted by Assemblywoman Marge Markey, New York Assembly, Albany on April 17; she was a speaker at The Psychology of Secrets, ABA Section Litigation Annual Conference, Chicago, April 26.


She was interviewed and quoted at length in "What is the future of religious freedom in the United States?" in Moment: Independent Journalism from a Jewish Perspective, March/April.