January 28, 2014 - Professor Hamilton's amicus brief argues that the Hobby Lobby case is testimony to the fact that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is unconstitutional. In the case, Hobby Lobby is arguing that paying for their employees’ birth control, a requirement under the Affordable Care Act, violates their company’s religious freedom. Professor Hamilton says the intense passions about religious freedom and women's reproductive health in the case have obscured the greater issue, which is that RFRA should be struck down because it violates the separation of powers, Article V, the separation of church and state, and exceeds congressional power.

Professor Hamilton's amicus brief was filed on behalf of The Freedom From Religion Foundation, BishopAccountability.org, Children's Healthcare is a Legal Duty, Inc., The Child Protection Project, The Foundation to Abolish Child Sex Abuse, Survivors for Justice, and The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.

Read Professor Hamilton's amicus brief here.