Professor Frischmann has received the 2012 PROSE Book Award for the best book in law/legal studies. 


In other news, he published two articles, "Two Enduring Lessons from Elinor Ostrom," in the Journal of Institutional Economics (forthcoming 2013) and an online essay, "Doctrinal Precedence Among the Hatch-Waxman Act, the Patent Act, and the Sherman Act," Patently-O, Mar. 13, 2013,  


Professor Frischmann participated in several talks: book talk, Information Society Project, Yale Law School, April 11; book talk, University of Chicago Law School, April 1; faculty workshop, Emory Law School, March 20 ("Capabilities, Spillovers, and Intellectual Progress"); Stanford Law and Economics Lunch Workshop, Stanford Law School, February 28 ("Law and Economics of Network Neutrality"); evening lecture / book talk, Stanford Center for Internet & Society, Stanford Law School, February 27; panelist, The American Law Institute Young Scholars Conference on Copyright and Patent Law, February 21; Center for Technology, Innovation and Competition Workshop, University of Pennsylvania Law School, February 14 ("Capabilities, Spillovers, and Intellectual Progress"); IP Speaker Series, University of San Diego-School of Law, February 7 ("Capabilities, Spillovers, and Intellectual Progress").