The Langfan Family Constitutional Oratorical Competition has recognized student excellence in public speaking and rhetoric since its establishment in 2001. Langfan is not a traditional moot court competition. Rather, it is an oratorical competition in which competitors deliver a short uninterrupted speech on a constitutional topic.

The 2017 Langfan topic was: 

     In light of President Trump's recent executive orders: Discuss the effect of President Trump's policy regarding the deportation of undocumented persons of families when the children are U.S. Citizens (born of undocumented parents on U.S. soil).

Congratulations to the 2017 winners:

First Place, Alexandra Jarymowycz

Second Place, Samantha Castrelos


Third Place, Joseph Fielding

The 2016 Langfan topic was:

Last month, for the first time in a decade, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas asked a question from the bench: "Does a misdemeanor violation warrant a suspension of one's constitutional rights?" Discuss Justice Thomas's question as it applies to domestic violence misdemeanors and the right to bear arms.

Congratulations to the 2016 winners:

First Place, Reginald Greene

Second Place, Joseph Fielding

Third Place, Michael Lynch


Final Round of the 2014 Langfan Oratorical Competition:

2014 Langfan Oratorical Competition


The Winners of the 2014 Competition were:

Marni Isaacson   '14 1st Place
Akansha Mishra  '15 2nd Place
Amy Cassidy  '14 3rd Place


Final Round of the 2013 Langfan Oratorical Competition:

2013 Langfan Oratorical Competition Final


The Winners of the 2013 Competition were:

Erik Wilson   '13 1st Place
Amy Cassidy  '14 2nd Place
Agatha Cole  '13 3rd Place


Final Round of the 2012 Langfan Oratorical Competition:

2012 Langfan Oratorical Competition


The Winners of the 2012 Competition were:

Akil Alleyne '13 1st Place
Alan Gray '14 2nd Place
Etie-Lee Schaub '12 3rd Place