The school sponsors five student-run journals that publish articles by distinguished academics and practitioners along with student notes and comments. These journals often sponsor symposia that lead to special volumes. Cardozo students and faculty also produce the New York Real Estate Law Reporter and, in cooperation with the University of California Press, Law and Literature.

Working on a journal provides students with an opportunity to develop editorial and writing skills as well as legal research expertise. They enrich their law school experience and are recognized as future leaders in their fields, while contributing to the advancement of legal scholarship. Students are selected to join the journal staff on the basis of academic achievement and writing ability. Second-year students write scholarly comments and conduct research, verify sources and perform other editorial duties. Third-year students can become members of a journal’s editorial board; as board members, they are responsible for editing student comments and outside pieces. Each year, students receive one credit for staff positions or two credits for editorial-board positions.