OCS: Interviewing for the Private Sector


July 23, 2014 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Get a jumpstart on Fall Recruitment by hearing a panel of hiring partners, recruiters and on-campus interviewers active in the recruiting process at large law firms and corporations discuss everything you ever wanted to know about interviewing.

Topics that the panelists will discuss include:

- The qualifications that their offices look for when selecting a permanent/summer associate;
- Questions that may be typically asked in an initial interview or call-back;
- Favorable responses/interviewing techniques;
- Types of responses that should be avoided by students;
- The amount of preparation that should be done by a student prior to an interview;
- How should students manage their expectations in this economy; and
- Any other information that students would find helpful regarding the interview process.


Cardozo School of Law Lobby; Cardozo School of Law Jacob Burns Moot Court Room

Event type

Career Services