From Namibia to Auschwitz: Cardozo International and Comparative, Policy and Ethics Law Review Fall Symposium


October 17, 2018 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Please join the International Comparative, Policy & Ethics Law Review and Professor Richard Weisberg in welcoming Kenneth F. McCallion for what promises to be a compelling discussion.
From 1904 through 1908, tens of thousands of Herero and Nama people were murdered in a genocide by the German government. Known then as south "German South West" Africa, today, this land is the country known as Namibia. It is said that the genocide that took place in Namibia laid a foundation for the Holocaust which took place two decades later. 
Today, descendants of the genocide continue to fight for official recognition and restitution. Kenneth F. McCallion, Esq., will address these issues as well as how this genocide relates to the Holocaust.
Refreshments will be served at the conclusion of the symposium.
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