HRHG Lunchtime Lecture


December 2, 2013 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Guest speakers:
Joëlle Fiss;
Senior Associate-Fighting Discrimination
Program, Human Rights First

Professor Suzanne Last Stone;
Director, Center for Jewish Law and
Contemporary Civilization, Cardozo Law,
Yeshiva University.

The debate surrounding the prudence and legality of blasphemy laws has come into sharp focus in the wake of calls by significant numbers of UN member States for a treaty outlawing blasphemy. While some societies see blasphemy laws as critical to protecting the sacredness of religion, others view these laws as a violation of an individual's right to freedom of expression, and as creating an atmosphere of intolerance which results in dire consequences for society, and minority religions in particular.

Please join us for an exciting discussion about blasphemy law and international human rights. Joëlle Fiss, one of the leading activists in this area, will discuss human rights violations that result from blasphemy laws internationally. Professor Stone will discuss the religious perspective that believes in the need for blasphemy laws and asks us to think about how this view can be cast in secular liberal terms.


Cardozo School of Law 525 - 5SEM

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