Client Selection and #MeToo: Questions Raised by the Sullivan Controversy


October 23, 2019 - 12:00pm

In the spring of 2019, Professor Ronald Sullivan of Harvard Law School agreed to join the group of lawyers representing Harvey Weinstein, whose alleged crimes and tortious conduct against women helped launch the #MeToo Movement. At the time, Professor Sullivan also served as the resident dean of one of Harvard College's residential houses. When his decision became public, he was fiercely criticized by many who considered his defense of Weinstein incompatible with his role as faculty dean.

The panel will address the ethical questions presented by the Sullivan case, including to what extent lawyers should consider their other professional and personal commitments before electing to represent a client. Other examples beyond the Sullivan case will also be explored.

Lunch will be served, please register to attend.



Lara Bazelon, Professor and Director of the Criminal Juvenile Justice and Racial Justice Clinical Programs, University of San Francisco School of Law


Lucy Caldwell, Founder of Mockingbird Lab and Harvard College '09


Ellen Yaroshefsky, Howard Lichtenstein Distinguished Professor of Legal Ethics, Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University

Read opinions by Bazelon and Caldwell here and here.


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