Catering Guidelines.pdf

Please contact the Office of Special Events for any questions that you may have, and remember:

• When planning an event, please have catering on the forefront of your mind. The maximum amount catered is based strictly on the maximum seating capacity of the room. Please provide a budget when requesting assistance from the Office of Special Events.
• All groups are required to contact the Office of Special Events at least two-weeks prior to their event, depending on the level of catering. Higher-end level of catering requires six weeks notice, while local vendors require two weeks. Guest count can be increased or decreased within these two weeks. Requests made with less than two weeks notice will not be guaranteed.
• Any requests given the same week as the event will not be considered. If the case does come up, the group will be required to place their own catering order with one of our approved vendors and file for reimbursement. Please note that reimbursement could take up to 8 weeks.
• All last minute orders that request reimbursement are to be pre-approved by the Office of Buisness Affairs or the SBA treasurer, as appropriate.
• Both internal and external groups holding events at Cardozo are required to use one of Yeshiva University’s OU certified vendors. Catering must meet kosher requirements in order to be offered reimbursement for events. Exceptions may be made for specific options which are intrinsic to a cultural event for which a kosher alternative is not available, e.g. moon cakes for a Korean festival.
• A student group that is holding a meeting may provide their own food and beverages as long as they are kosher certified and prepackaged. Catering guidelines can be obtained at the Events Office. Please see the following approved kosher symbols: