In the interest of both privacy and convenience, grades are not posted or distributed on site at the law school.  Grades are available on Banner.

Banner requires a User I.D. and a PIN. Your User I.D. is your Yeshiva I.D. number. First-time users choose the “RESET PIN” option to set up their PIN.

Any student who believes a grade report is in error should notify the Office of the Registrar promptly.

Students may refer to the student handbook for information on the method used to compute grade point averages.

Students must accurately state their class rank and/or grade point average on their résumés.


Requests for Transcripts
Requests for transcripts must be made in writing to the Office of the Registrar. Requests will generally be filled within three (3) business days, and usually sooner. There is no charge.  The records to which the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (see below) applies include transcripts. Pursuant to, and except where permitted by, the Act, Cardozo will not issue a transcript without a signed, written request by the student.

Complete Transcripts
Student academic records are provided only in the form of complete transcripts. The Registrar will not provide partial records or records listing courses without the grades received.

Requests for Transcript Correction
A student who believes that there is an error in his or her academic record (e.g., in a grade, average, credit value or course title) should promptly notify the Office of the Registrar. Even if there has been an error on the part of the University, no request for a correction will be entertained unless the student notifies the Office of the Registrar within three (3) months after grades have been recorded. Please note that once you have received a diploma, no grade can be changed for any reason.

Clearance by Student Finances
The Office of the Registrar will not process a certification or transcript request if the student's account has not been settled with the Office of Student Finances.

Other Student Records

Students may access their education records by submitting a written request to the Office of the Registrar. The office will then schedule an appointment with the student to review his or her records.

The Office of the Registrar maintains students' principal education records. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 ("FERPA"), codified at 20 U.S.C. § 1232g, affords students the following rights with respect to their education records:

1. The right to inspect and review the student's education records within 45 days of the day the Office of the Registrar receives a written request for access. Students should submit to the Office of the Registrar requests that identify the record(s) they wish to inspect. The Office of the Registrar will make arrangements for access and notify the student of the time and place where the records may be inspected.

2. The right to request the amendment of education records that the student believes are inaccurate or misleading or violates his/her rights. Students who believe that they are entitled to amend their records should write to the Office of the Registrar, clearly identify the part of the record they consider incorrect, and specify why it is inaccurate or misleading or violates their rights. If the Law School decides not to amend the record as requested by the student, it will notify the student of the decision and advise the student of his or her right to a hearing regarding the request for amendment.

3. The right to consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information contained in the student's education records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent. The Act protects the privacy of education records, and in general forbids their disclosure without the student's consent. However, there are several exceptions to the consent requirement. These are enumerated in FERPA and the University’s policy statement concerning FERPA. Copies of the University's FERPA policy statement may be obtained by sending a written request to the Office of the Registrar with a self-addressed envelope.

For more detailed information please refer to the FERPA policy

Application to the Bar

The Registrar's Office certifies graduates as such for purposes of applying to the bar and provides information regarding various state bar exams.  More information can be found here.


Michele Filorimo, Registrar, and Cynthia Benolken, Associate Registrar, will notarize items for students free of charge. Students should call 212-790-0295 first to guarantee that someone will be available.

Replacement Diplomas

Requests for new diplomas can be made available online through our official diploma vendor, the Michael Sutter Company:

Using that link, you can do the following: 

  • Order a replacement diploma online - There is a $50.00 charge for each diploma replacement. You will be able to choose Standard Delivery or Express Overnight Delivery. Your Diploma will be printed and mailed within 1-2 business days of your order.
  • Diploma Status - Search the status of your diploma order whether it is your new diploma or replacement diploma.