In 2015, the Court of Appeals adopted a requirement that applicants to the bar demonstrate that they have had essential practical skills training and gained sufficient understanding of professional values for admission to practice in New York.  The purpose of this separate admission requirement is to ensure that prospective attorneys possess the requisite skills and are familiar with the professional values required for effective, ethical and responsible practice in this state.  

When applying for admission to the New York State Bar, Cardozo JD students must certify that they have satisfied this requirement in one or more of the following ways:  


Pathway 1.  Applicant has:

a.       Attended professionalism panel during 1L orientation;

b.      Completed the 6 required “skills” credits for graduation;

c.       Participated in the mandatory Professional Values workshops sponsored by the Office of Career Services;

d.      Completed Advanced Legal Research;

e.       Completed Professional Responsibility Requirement;

f.        Completed mandatory Legal Writing and Research sessions.

Pathway 2.  Applicant has submitted proof that he/she has completed 15 credits of practice-based experiential coursework designed to foster professional competency training. 


Pathway 3.  Applicant completed the Pro Bono Scholars Program.