OCS is here to assist you during all phases of your career development while at Cardozo and after graduation. OCS & CPSL can provide you with invaluable resources and guidance as you develop your job search strategy.  The information posted here is designed to address some of the specific questions and needs of the LL.M student.  It is meant to augment the other resources available on the OCS ANGEL site.  LL.M students are encouraged to take advantage of all resources in OCS, including information that may be geared towards JD students.

Who should I see at OCS?  How do I set up an appointment with an OCS counselor?

The counselor who has been designated to work primarily with LL.M students is Mark Goldfarb.  You are always welcome, however, to see any counselor at OCS.  To set up an appointment with Mark, please telephone the OCS receptionist at (212) 790-0358, or stop by the reception desk in room 1128.

May I set up an appointment with Dean Levy?

Yes, Dean Levy is available to meet with students.  OCS policy, however, requires students to first meet with and have their resume reviewed by a career counselor prior to setting up an appointment with Dean Levy.

Where can I access job postings?

OCS posts all job postings on the Symplicity website. To see other employment resources, please see the link to job resources on the OCS ANGEL page.

How do Cardozo LL.M students typically get jobs?

LL.M hiring is very different than JD hiring, which relies heavily on the on-campus interview process.  LL.M hiring is much more akin to lateral recruiting, with employers posting available positions as they arise and candidates learning about additional opportunities via word of mouth.  Networking plays a significant role in most successful post-LL.M job hunts.  Further, many traditional legal employers expect LL.M students to approach them about opportunities.

I need assistance drafting a resume.

Take a look at our sample LL.M resume models and try to conform to the model.  There is a generally accepted formula for legal resumes in the United States and it is adviseable that candidates adhere closely to that formula if they are seeking a job with an American legal employer.  It is very important that your resume be a clean, clutter-free document, free to spelling and grammatical errors.  Also, bear in mind that personal information such as birth dates, social security numbers and marital status, is not appropriate in a resume.  Once you have worked on a resume draft, schedule a time to see an OCS counselor to have your resume reviewed.  

I need assistance drafting a cover letter.
Take a look at our sample cover letter model.  Once you have a draft, you are welcome to set up a time with a counselor to have your letter reviewed.  Your cover letter serves as your first writing sample to an employer and it is very important that it be professional, error-free, and concise.

I am interested in applying for a job.  Do I need to send a cover letter along with my resume?

Unless the job posting states otherwise, you should always send a cover letter along with your resume.

I have been selected for an interview.  What should I do to prepare?

Take a look at some sample interview questions available on the OCS ANGEL page.  Also, consider scheduling a mock interview with a career counselor.  To do so, set up an appointment with the OCS receptionist for a one hour mock-interview slot.  You should be ready to discuss your qualifications for the position and discuss the items on your resume.  For the interview, you should be dressed professionally.  You should also come prepared with an extra copy of your resume, a writing sample, and a list of references.  It is customary to send a thank you letter following the interview.  

I keep hearing about "networking."  What is this?  Why should I do this?

Networking is building professional contacts.  The purpose of networking is to build long-term relationships for professional development.  There is no time frame, deadline, or geographic limitation for networking, nor does the need to network end once you have secured employment.  For instance, if you are interested in working in corporate law in a U.S. firm, you may wish to join a bar association committee where you will meet corporate attorneys.  You may also wish to tap into the Cardozo alumni network, or attend conferences and events where you will meet corporate lawyers.  This is particularly important for LL.M students because they are often hired outside of the traditional hiring programs typically geared towards JD students.