In recent years, many large corporations, particularly in the banking and financial services sector, have dramatically expanded their corporate compliance departments.  This has created attractive career opportunities for recent law school graduates interested in corporate and business law and regulation.  Compliance officers are a corporation’s first line of defense against regulatory problems and allegations of wrongdoing.  Compliance officers use their legal, business and counseling expertise to  advise corporate executives  on how to comply with the very complex  regulatory environment in which modern businesses are conducted.  They also prevent potential misconduct and enforce the corporations’ own standards of legal and ethical conduct.   For the right person, compliance work can combine the intellectual challenge of solving complex legal problems, the satisfaction of preventing potential corporate misconduct and the security of working in a large organization with good opportunities for advancement. 

Cardozo's Compliance Program
To help students take advantage of these emerging opportunities, Cardozo has recently created a specialized concentration in compliance and risk management.  This program is designed to teach students the substantive laws, rules and standards applicable to large business corporations, and particularly financial institutions, as well as the internal controls and governance structures by which potentially harmful conduct can be monitored and risks assessed and managed.  The concentration provides in depth instruction in such critical areas as Securities Regulation, Investor Protection, Business Ethics, Fiduciary Duties, Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, and other state and federal regulations applicable to financial institutions.

The program also includes, through its sponsorship by Cardozo’s Samuel and Ronnie Heyman Center for Corporate Governance, many special events and opportunities to hear from major business leaders, corporate counsel, and government officials in specific areas of compliance.  In recent years, the Heyman center has sponsored many programs designed to be of special interest to those working or planning to work in the compliance field.

Another very important part of the program is the unique opportunities   for exciting internships and externships. Cardozo has partnered with major financial institutions and regulatory agencies in a variety of on-site programs designed to give our students hands on experience and practical insights into the nature of compliance work.  These partners include JP Morgan Chase; The Securities and Exchange Commission; The Commodities, Futures & Trading Commission; Financial Industry Regulatory Agency; New York Department of Financial Services; New York Office of Attorney General etc.

Our aim is to help our students prepare for work in a corporate environment equipped not only with the substantive sophisticated knowledge on compliance, but also with a set of meaningful connections, relationships and mentorships with alumni in corporate organizations, who are eager to support the growth and success of our students.

Cardozo’s Curriculum in Corporate Compliance

 Corporate Internal Investigations
Securities Regulation
Privacy (and or Cybersecurity)
Advanced Compliance 

Other Relevant Courses

 Advising Board of Directors: Corporate Governance in Practice
 Antitrust Law
 Bioethics and Medical Humanities
 Bioethics and the Law
 Business Immigration, Workforce and Compliance Law
 Commercial Law
 Compliance in Financial Institutions
 Corporate Governance for Distressed Companies
 Corporate Internal Investigations
 Corporate Taxation
 Department of Financial Services Field Clinic Seminar
 Employment Discrimination
 Employment Law
 Environmental Law
 Ethics for the Business Attorney
 Information Governance Law
 Labor Law
 Private Equity
 Social Media Law
 Securities Regulations
 White Collar Crime

Externships in Compliance

 JP Morgan Chase Summer Associate Program
Through the efforts of The Heyman Center, JP Morgan Chase has chosen Cardozo as the only law school in the nation to participate in the JP Morgan Chase Summer Associate Program. 2Ls are selected to work as paid summer associates at JP Morgan Chase, where they enjoy a unique opportunity to learn about banking and financial services compliance law from within a leading global financial services firm. Successful participants often receive offers to join JP Morgan Chase full-time following graduation.
Heyman – ACCA (American Corporate Counsel Association) Program
The Heyman Center has increased the number of companies participating in the Heyman/ACCA In-House Counsel Internship Program. Through this program, Cardozo students have the opportunity to complete semester-long internships at leading companies for academic credit. Students work with in-house counsel, learning about the legal structure of the corporation and the role of the corporate counsel. In recent years, Heyman/ACCA students have worked at these companies.

Alumni in Compliance

 Adaeze I. Udoji
Analyst, Company Operations & Risk Management Compliance
, American Express | Global Compliance & Ethics
 “I graduated from college in 2008 with a degree in political science, and not with a business or banking related background. However, I graduated during the time that would become the beginning of a recession. Needless to say, I entered law school with a strong interest in financial services and its regulatory environment. Throughout my time at Cardozo, the Heyman Center presented additional opportunities for me to learn more about the industry and the rapidly changing regulatory environment in courses, and on campus events and networking receptions, where I could speak with attorneys in compliance roles. During my first-year summer at Cardozo, I participated in the Heyman Center’s Comparative Corporate Governance program, and I discovered that compliance was an area where I could bring my interests and legal studies together. As a compliance officer, I have an opportunity to work very closely with the businesses that I support and use what I learned in law school to solve issues in real-time. My day does consist of research and writing. But, compliance takes my responsibilities a step further in that my work must also answer the question, “so what?” I help the businesses that I support directly apply regulatory requirements into practical and robust business practices. Every day is different because the rules are changing and each issue can be complex, making compliance a very exciting environment to work in. I don’t think I could have found myself in my current position without first having my eyes opened to this practice area by the Heyman Center.” 

Adyo Sampson

Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

 “Working in Compliance for an investment bank is a unique and dynamic way to launch a legal career in the securities industry.  It provided an ideal opportunity for me to supplement my prior experience in Finance with an understanding of the regulatory framework governing the operations of a global financial institution.  This is also a great environment for sharpening analytical, interpersonal and decision-making skills.”

Zvi Dubitzky

 “For those seeking to expand their understanding of securities law and work at the forefront of the legal and finance industries, a career in Compliance is a great place to start.  Working in Compliance for an investment bank has provided me with the opportunity to advance my legal education, develop a deeper understanding of the capital markets, and build a strong foundation for my legal career”.

Eric Feuer, '95

 “Working in Compliance on the trading floor of a major investment bank has been a great opportunity to build on my corporate law education and apply it to real world business situations. In my current role I am addressing the regulatory developments that impact the businesses I cover and my position also gives me the chance to gain in-depth product knowledge.”

Activities in Compliance

Heyman Center Lunch Talk Series
Programs in compliance educate students on legal issues not normally covered in the classroom.  At Heyman Center Lunch Talks, senior officials of compliance departments in large financial institutions and companies give students important updates on recent laws and regulatory reforms, and a closer look at working in the field. Some of our talks feature recent alumni, who speak about their experience in compliance, and the road they took to get there.
Large Public Conferences
More info forthcoming. 
 “Wall Street Enforcement & Protection” (January, 2014)
Featured speakers:
Preet Bharara, U.S. Attorney, Southern District of New York
Steve Harbeck, President of Securities Investor Protection Corporation
Robert Khuzami, Former Director of Enforcement, Securities and Exchange Commission
 “Political Intelligence, 10b5-1 Plans and Regulation FD – Insider Trading?” (November, 2013)
Featured Speakers:
Bonnie Jonas, Assistant U. S. Attorney, Southern District of New York
Herry Weiss, Chair Securities Litigation and Enforcement Practice Group, Wilmer Hale
 “Should You Whistle? An Ethical Dilemma for Corporate Attorneys under Dodd-Frank” (February, 2012)
Featured Speakers:
George Canellos, Co-Director of the Division of Enforcement, Securities and Exchange Commission
Linda Thomsen, Partner, Davis Polk
Jordan Thomas, Partner, Labaton and Sucharow


Barry Koch
Relevant Laws and Resources
 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
 United States Sentencing Commission Guidelines Manual
 NY Stock Exchange Listed Company Manual, Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
 Implementation of the Whistleblower Provisions of Section 21F of the Securities Act of 1934
 FINRA §3010 Supervision in a Broker/Dealer
 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Pub. L. No 106-102, Title V (Privacy)
 California Data Security Statute
 New York Data Security Statute
 Interagency Guidelines Establishing Security Standards
 US Patriot Act
 Customer Identification Procedures
 Suspicious Activity Reporting
 OFAC Regulations
 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977
 UK Bribery Act of 2010
 FINRA Social media Questions and Answers