The Strategic Policy Advocacy Field Clinic is designed to train law students to engage in effective policy innovation and advocacy work in partnership with the community members most deeply impacted by these policies. The clinic partners with the Center for Popular Democracy, a national organization that works with community organizing groups around the country to build their political power and sophistication, and to promote pro-worker, pro-immigrant and pro-equity public policies at the state and municipal levels of government. Students’ fieldwork will include diverse professional work in the service of a community and its members. Law students will work to translate community aspirations into creative and viable public policy proposals. In class, students will reflect on the reach of public policy, the opportunities for, and constraints on, democratic participation, and the hard skills needed to engage people, form coalitions, generate policy proposals and win change. In their fieldwork, students will conduct legal research, draft memoranda of law, create public education and advocacy materials, and support community organizations’ policy campaign work.