Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Walk-ins as posted


To schedule an appointment, please click here or call 212.790.0358.

Student appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes.
Mock interviews are scheduled for 1 hour.
Alumni appointments are scheduled for 1 hour.

Counselors are also available for phone appointments if you are not in the New York metropolitan area.

The OCS Resource Center (Cardozo Room 1128) is available during our open hours.

OCS Resource Center (Cardozo Room 1128)
OCS provides various resources to assist students and alumni as they explore their career options. Some of the more widely used resources are described below.

The OCS Resource Room has four PC workstations, networked printers and a photocopier available for student/alumni job search use. During peak times, we ask that users limit their PC time to 20-minute sessions. OCS will send OUTGOING job search-related faxes for students/alumni. Please note: We do not accept incoming faxes for students/alumni.

OCS-Generated Brochures and Handouts
OCS counselors create many handouts as part of OCS programs, and those handouts are available in hard copy in the Resource Room. Additionally, students may pick up information regarding scholarships, job fairs and bar associations along with brochures addressing common student questions.

Library & Networked Resources
OCS maintains a sizeable library of directories, reference guides and books containing general career planning advice as well as information on specific fields of interest.

A number of periodicals, magazines, job newsletters and newspapers are available in paper format. OCS also provides access to various electronic directories and other job-search-related CD-ROMs.

Please note: We are NOT a lending library. All materials must be used in the OCS Resource Room.

External Brochures and Marketing Materials
OCS maintains a library of employer-created brochures and marketing materials for students/alumni who wish to research employers.