January through June is prime season for alumni considering a geographic move to avail themselves of reciprocity with a law school in their target market. Many law schools outside of New York offer reciprocity, enabling Cardozo alumni to benefit from some of those schools' career resources. Law schools vary in their reciprocity requirements and the services that they provide.

If you would like OCS to apply for reciprocity services at another law school on your behalf:

  1. Review the reciprocity policies on the NALP website and research individual school policies on their respective websites, then select the school at which you would like to receive career services. You can only select one law school per geographic location. A call to the other school’s career services office can help determine precisely which resources are available (e.g., online job banks, counseling services). Once you have selected a school at which you wish to request reciprocity, follow the procedures listed in the selected law school's reciprocity policy.
  2. Most schools require a letter from Cardozo requesting reciprocity. If this is the case, contact OCS's Corinne Shockley at cshockle@yu.edu requesting a reciprocity letter. Please include your name as it appears in the registrar's office, your class year, the law school you would like to visit, and to whom the letter should be sent (including an address). Cardozo OCS will then send a letter to the law school you selected introducing you and requesting that they provide you with their services. Generally, the selected law school will send you a response as to whether your request has been granted and provide you with an explanation of the services they offer and their procedures. Please note that it can take several weeks to arrange the service, so plan ahead.

In addition, remember that Cardozo has robust alumni regional clubs that may also be a helpful resource to you if you are planning a move to areas such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.