The Student–Alumni Mentor Program is designed to assist law students with defining and setting career goals and developing a better understanding of the real-life demands of the legal profession. Mentors participating in the program are Cardozo alumni who are willing to volunteer their time to guide Cardozo students in navigating the law school experience and in taking their first steps on the path toward becoming legal professionals. Furthermore, the Cardozo Student–Alumni Mentor Program offers opportunities for students to be mentored by professionals residing both within and outside the NYC metro area, which can be a great added benefit to students seeking to gain insights into other geographic areas of interest.

The Office of Career Services and the Office of Alumni Affairs jointly administer the Student–Alumni Mentor Program on behalf of the Alumni Mentorship Committee.

If you have questions or would like to serve as a mentor, please contact Laura Torchio, Senior Director, Career Services or Jessica Mullery at