Bringing Passion to Practice

Selected Stories from Cardozo's Class of 2018: One year Post-Graduation

We asked some 2018 graduates about their passion in law school, and how their Cardozo experience relates to their current job. Here's what they said:

Lekha Menon, Associate, Kirkland & Ellis, restructuring group


My passion in law school, as cliche as it might be, was learning. I was, and still am, so curious about our country's legal system and how founding legal principles remain at the core of our society but also continue to evolve to function in today's world.

As a brand new attorney, it feels like I learn something new every ten minutes. I spend much of my time researching discrete questions and problem solving my way through complex issues. I'm excited by the prospect of a job that will never be boring and will always reward intellectual curiosity.

Aaron Haines, Law Clerk, US District Court, Bay City, Michigan


While in law school, I was passionate about art law. I appreciate the many opportunities that Cardozo gave to me to learn and work in this field as a student.

Though my current work as a law clerk does not involve art law, it is helping me develop skills that will be invaluable to me as an attorney in the field of art law.

Abigail Cotler, Associate General Counsel, Diamonds International


My passion in law school was trademarks and brand protection.

Now working for an international luxury goods company brand protection is always at the front of my mind, but it has also exposed me to different areas of law. Now I found my passions include areas such as corporate responsibility and international commerce. The great thing about being a lawyer is that you are constantly learning and your passions can shift to reflect new understandings.





Justin Fleishacker, Associate, Paul Hastings


My passion in law school centered around protecting the advancement of science and innovation. 

Currently, at Paul Hastings, I have the opportunity to defend pharmaceutical patents for innovators.