Cardozo Japan Alumni Club 2017 year-end party in Tokyo (L-R): Nobuko Terada ’13, Junko Ishibashi ’01, Osamu Koike ’06, Shinji Niioka ’05, and Kodai Kimura ’13.

Welcome to Cardozo’s Japan Alumni Club page! The Japan Club serves alumni who live or work in and around Japan.

Connecting with other alumni is a terrific way to meet new people and can serve as a resource if you are looking to expand your social network and build professional relationships. Often, grabbing a quick cup of coffee or meeting for dinner can lead to new business ventures and lasting friendships along the way. The opportunity is yours so get involved!

Benjamin N. Cardozo said in a landmark decision of partnership law, Meinhard v. Salmon, that partners owe each other “not honesty alone, but the punctilio of an honor the most sensitive.”

However, we don’t require any fiduciary duties so please feel free to contact one of the Committee members listed below to get more information, host an event, or get involved. We look forward to seeing you. You are the essential piece!

Cardozo Japan Alumni Club Committee

Kodai Kimura ’13, Co-Chair
Kobayashi & Yugeta Law Office

Ken Matsuzaki ’05 Co-Chair
In-House Counsel
Dentsu, Inc.

Junko Ishibashi ’01
Ishibashi Legal Office

Tom Silecchia ’98
Merchant Capital K.K.

Nobuko Terada ’13
R-Rights Law Office