The majority of our LL.M. community is made up of international students.  They play an important role at Cardozo and are welcomed and integrated into campus life. Coming from dozens of countries, they bring a wide array of talents, interests and experiences to the classroom, and enhance the diversity of the community. The law school is intimate and friendly, making international students feel at home in a big city from day one.

Cardozo will help you obtain a student visa.  
International students who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents must obtain an F-1 visa in order to pursue their LL.M. studies.  From the moment you decide to attend Cardozo Law until you arrive at Orientation, the Office of International Students and Scholars,, will guide you through the application process and assist in securing a student visa.

Cardozo offers a supportive learning environment.
The faculty is helpful and open, and some, especially the visiting faculty, are from overseas. Nearly every week there are panels and symposia about the most pertinent global issues. Clubs and student organizations offer further opportunities for social networking and professional advancement. In addition, the director of Graduate and International Programs works closely with international students coming to Cardozo for an LL.M. degree, ensuring that their experience is challenging and rewarding.

Cardozo offers special programming for international LL.M. students.   
In addition to the first-year and upper-level curricula, Cardozo offers several courses specifically designed for foreign-trained attorneys.   

Introduction to U.S. Law.  This two-credit course gives students a basic introduction to the U.S. legal system, including the federal system and the use of precedent and methods of analyzing case law.  All international students take this course during their first semester of enrollment in the LL.M. program.

Advanced Workshop in Legal Research & Writing - International This two-credit course focuses on case reading and analysis, basic language structure and writing skills, manual and computer-assisted research skills, analysis and writing, and forms of writing, including letter and memorandum writing.  It is taught over two semesters, with one credit being awarded for each semester. 

Cardozo has an Office of Career Services with seven attorney counselors who are available and willing to assist you with all aspects of your employment goals from practical opportunities, public service, and beyond.

The New York State Bar Exam.
For students who need to satisfy eligiblity through an ABA-accredited LLM program, our LLM degrees will allow you to fulfill the New York State Bar exam requirements.  You will received personalized guidance from the Assistant Dean for Graduate and International Programs during the registration process.

As globalization continues, a law degree from Cardozo is an invaluable asset and a professional advantage in today’s dynamic legal landscape.