J.D. Nonmatriculant/LL.M. in Intellectual Property /LL.M. in Dispute Resolution Advocacy Dual Degree Program

Students interested in this program apply as a visiting student using Cardozo’s Transfer and Visitor Application available at lsac.org.

With nationally renowned Intellectual Property (IP) and Dispute Resolution and Advocacy (DRA) programs , Cardozo School of Law gives students in IP and DRA an invaluable edge in their understanding of these complex and increasingly important fields.

As of August 2018, J.D. students of other ABA-approved law schools have the opportunity to earn an LL.M. degree in IP or in DRA during a seventh semester at Cardozo, through their participation in the J.D. Nonmatriculant/LL.M. Dual Degree program.

This innovative structure of earning your J.D. and LL.M. degrees will help you gain important IP and DRA knowledge through a flexible and rich curriculum at Cardozo, followed by a unique access to excellent practical skills opportunities and networks of alumni and employers connected deeply to Cardozo in both IP and DRA fields. You will basically access the same resources in a shorter period of time than through a traditional LL.M. degree.

How does it work?

Applicants for the J.D. Nonmatriculant/LL.M. in IP or DRA Dual Degrees must have completed two full years (but no more than 60 credits) at another ABA-approved law school before they visit Cardozo as nonmatriculants during their third year. Applicants must have received permission of their home institution to visit Cardozo during their fifth and sixth semesters. Admitted students will be considered nonmatriculants at Cardozo for their third year, and they will earn their J.D. degrees from their home law school. Students are then considered matriculated in the LL.M. program at Cardozo for the seventh semester and receive the LL.M. in IP or in DRA from Cardozo. Dual degree students must enroll for three semesters on a full-time basis beginning in the fall or the spring semester.

Admission to the seventh semester (LL.M. portion) is subject to satisfactory academic performance in the fifth and sixth semesters.

Application requirements

  • Complete Cardozo transfer/visitor application available through LSAC;
  • Official law school transcript;
  • Letter from your current law school expressly granting permission to study at Cardozo;
  • Personal statement;
  • Letter of recommendation from a law school faculty member; and
  • Resume (highly recommended)

Application deadlines

The deadline to apply for the J.D. Nonmatriculant/LL.M. in IP or DRA Dual Degree program is April 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester. All supporting materials must be received by April 15.