Israeli Judges Visiting Scholar Program

Each academic year, Cardozo School of Law will invite three or four judges from Israel to visit our school during their sabbatical month, tuition-free, during the school’s fall or spring semester. The fall semester runs from the last week in August until the end of December. The spring semester runs from mid-January to the end of April.

The purpose of this program is to permit currently sitting judges from Israel to use their sabbatical to further a research interest by permitting them to audit two classes and to use the library. Preference is given to judges who have not previously used their judicial sabbatical to visit Cardozo.

As visiting scholars for one month, the judges will be allowed to audit two courses (with the permission of the faculty) and will have access to the Cardozo Library. At the invitation of the faculty, they may also attend Cardozo workshops or events relevant to their research and field of study.

There is no compensation associated with this position. Due to severe staff and space constraints, we will not be able to provide an office, secretarial services, or travel and accommodation planning and help. Finally, Westlaw and Lexis subscription research services are not available to visiting scholars at Cardozo. Retired judges do not qualify for this program.

Application deadlines:

  • Fall semester visitors: July 1st
  • Spring semester visitors: December 1st

Please submit the following application materials to Kevin Gschwend, the Program Director for Graduate and International Programs, at

Application materials include:

1.     Judge’s CV

2.     A Statement of Interest, describing how the research at Cardozo will be helpful to your work in Israel