The primary advising resource for LL.M. candidates is the Office of Graduate and International Programs:
Once a student is enrolled, Dean Myteberi provides assistance in initial course selection and registration along with guidance throughout the academic program. Students are also encouraged to utilize the many resources for curriculum and advising available to the law school at large including:
  • The Office of Student Services and Advising, which includes Dean of Students Maria Saez-Tatman and Director of Student Services Yannick Brookes
  • The Office of Career Services, where students may contact a counselor for guidance on relevant courses for specific career paths
  • Individual faculty members, who are available to meet with students to talk about course selection. Professors can be contacted by e-mail or phone, or students may visit during their office hours.
  • Conversations with fellow students about courses they have taken, which can provide additional valuable information. For detailed feedback on individual courses and professors, course evaluations completed by students at the end of each semester are available at the library’s Reference Desk.