General LL.M. Degree Requirements

•   All LL.M. degree candidates must complete a minimum of 24 credits. One credit is the equivalent of one 50-minute hour of class instruction per week over the course of one semester.

•   Of the 24 credits required to graduate, at least 18 must be “in-class” credits. These exclude credits earned through a thesis, an independent research project, an externship, an internship, a clinic or any other work conducted outside the classroom. In-class credits also do not include credits taken at another institution, e.g., The New School.

•   All LL.M. candidates may earn three credits by writing a thesis under the supervision of a faculty member.

•   No more than two clinical credits may be applied toward the degree requirements.

Recommended/Maximum Number of Credits Per Semester

•   Most full-time students take between 12 and 14 credits per semester. Students in general, and international LL.M. students in particular, are not advised to take more than 14 credits in any semester.

•   LL.M. students are only permitted to take 15 or 16 credits per semester with the written permission of the Assistant Dean for Graduate and International Programs.

Part-Time or Full-Time Status

•   Full-time students are those who enroll in nine or more credits in a semester.

•   Part-time students are those who enroll in eight or fewer credits in a semester.

•   The part-time program is not a night program. Part-time students should anticipate that they will have to adjust their outside commitments to fit with the Cardozo course schedule.

Time to Complete the Degree Requirements

  •  Full-time students must complete their degree requirements in one year.

  •  Part-time students must complete their degree requirements in three years.