Eligibility and Application

Any Cardozo student is eligible to apply for a summer term abroad.  Credits earned during a summer study abroad cannot be used to accelerate a student’s J.D. program. Only grades earned in a Cardozo summer program will be included in the student’s GPA calculations.  Regardless of the program, students will not be awarded more than 6 credits for summer study.

Other ABA-approved Summer Study Abroad

Cardozo also permits J.D. students to study at non-Cardozo other ABA-approved summer study abroad programs. Please see the ABA website for a list of approved summer and winter intercession programs.

The National Jurist provides a searchable database of programs to assist students in identifying options, though it may not be completely up to date or accurate. Please also see the UNC's interactive summer study abroad map for helpful links to U.S. law school summer programs abroad.

Any student interested in studying abroad in a non-Cardozo summer program must meet with the Dean of Students for approval prior to application to the program. Among other things, care must be taken by students in selecting courses that do not duplicate course work taken at Cardozo. Non-Cardozo program credits will not count toward the student’s GPA.