JULY 9 - JULY 21, 2018 / NEW YORK CITY

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This 2-week training in U.S. business and law is crucial for non-U.S. licensed lawyers in house or in law firms, and for their business organizations. This program will expose them to necessary legal skills to perform effectively in a global market. For foreign lawyers facing a regulatory proceeding, a transaction or litigation with a U.S. party, or who are simply interested in gaining a U.S. perspective on business and legal solutions on important crossborder matters, this program will help them discover new solutions to daily problems and encourage deep and creative thinking through practical experiences. 

Our aim is to provide a balanced approach of focused sessions on topics of interest for an enhanced personalized experience, combined with group projects and exchanges that will complement the educational seminars and build relationships among the lawyers in the program. For many, this may be their first exposure to formal instruction in U.S. business and legal topics, but the primary goal is to give participants a big picture understanding of global business issues while teaching them applied business and legal skills.

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Law and Business Classes

Introduction to U.S. Business Law
International Business Transactions
Drafting International Contracts for Global Clients (Anglo-Saxon and civil law concepts)
Tactics in Contract Negotiations
Dodd-Frank for European and Foreign Businesses
Privacy, Legal & Regulatory Issues
Corporate Governance in the United States Compared to Europe, China, Brazil
Negotiate with the U.S. Financial Authorities
The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Policing of Financial Markets (Compliance, compliance with rules, understand the trading system)
A Comparative Approach to Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Copyright Compliance in a Social Media World
Internet Regulatory Tensions and Dialogue Between the E.U. and the U.S.
Manager’s Legal Team (Project management for in house lawyers)
Law and Economics of Corporate Transactions
International Finance
Financial Transactions of International Trade
U.S. Financial Institutions
Anti-Money Laundering Measures
Big Data, Information Governance and Data Governance 

Law and Business Site Visits

Wall Street, investment banks; New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ
Hedge funds and private equity firms
Global law firms
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Comissions
U.S. Department of Justice
Delaware Court of Chancery and other State; U.S. Courts etc.

Law and Business Consultancy Project

Based firmly in the participant’s specific interests, this program will challenge the lawyer to demonstrate his/her combined legal and business skills. Each project is developed, discussed, administered and presented by Cardozo and practicing lawyers in a broad range of industries.
Supervised by a team-assigned Cardozo mentor, participants work in diverse teams on a consultant basis for a real-life client. Participants can develop their business and law skills in addition to applying the concepts learned in class. Participants will be able to work independently or collaboratively in teams and will be required to present their projects to a panel of faculty and alumni. 


$3000 per participant
(Some meals are included)


Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
55 Fifth Avenue, New York NY 10003


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Val Myteberi
Assistant Dean for Graduate & International Programs, Cardozo School of Law

7 Reasons for Joining the Program: Impactful Learning for a Professional Advantage

 #1 Join and network with a meticulously chosen group of global-minded lawyers and practitioners.
 #2 Globalization of businesses is impacting the legal practice with unprecedented speed. Devote time to your professional growth to help your company gain a competitive edge when solving issues on cross boarder deals and disputes.
 #3 Companies are operating in an increasingly complex international regulatory environment, often facing the risk of large fines and extraordinary reputational costs. Learn the intricacies of negotiating and cooperating with U.S. regulators to effectively manage risk for your business.
 #4 Expand your understanding of the big picture and learn to focus on the clear business objectives of your company when solving legal issues. This program will give you the tools to get transactions done quickly and efficiently, prioritize the critical business objectives and lower internal and external costs.
 #5 Legal departments face the continual pressure to do more with less. Learn effective time management tools and ways to handle the ever-evolving relationships with outside counsels and professionals for better results. Gain the expertise to better dominate and steer the recourse to external legal counsel by generating value at a controlled cost for the company.
 #6 Gain a comprehensive look at the U.S. financial regulatory and compliance guidelines; intellectual property & informational law governance; privacy, cybersecurity and data law trends; ADR methods and other trending topics.
 #7 Gain insight into the mindset and strategies of U.S. law firms, which influence practices and trends in other jurisdictions in various industries.

Featured Faculty

Joan BARATA, Principal Adviser to the Representative on Freedom of the Media, OSCE

Prof. David CHEKROUN, ESCP Europe

Eric COHEN, Senior VP, Secretary & General Counsel, Terex Corporation

Stephan GRYNWAJC, European and U.S. Attorney, Law Office of S. Grynwajc, PLLC

Rubén KRAIEM, Partner in Corporate, M&A, Environmental, Covington & Burling LLP

Jon HENES, Partner in Reorganization & Restructuring, Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Prof. Lela LOVE, Director, Kukin Program for Conflict Resolution; Cardozo Mediation Clinic

Cass MATTHEWS, Senior Legal Counsel, Google

Prof. Felix WU, Professor of Law, Cardozo School of Law