Each year Cardozo welcomes students from its partner universities around the world for one semester of coursework toward their home university degree.  Exchange students join the diverse LL.M. student community for orientation and extracurricular programming and also take advantage of the wider community of Cardozo students and scholars.  All visiting exchange students must attend through one of our partner universities.  We are unable to accommodate independent exchange students.

Exchange students from Cardozo’s foreign partner universities who apply and are admitted to a Cardozo LL.M. degree program may apply credits earned during their semester exchange program toward an LL.M. degree at Cardozo, which may be earned in one additional semester of study.  Students must enroll in the LL.M. degree program at Cardozo within two years of completion of the undergraduate law degree at the home institution.

Admitted exchange students should visit the Admitted Exchange Student page for information about enrollment and registration.