Diversity at Cardozo

Cardozo School of Law welcomes and embraces a diverse community of students, faculty and administrators. We believe that an inclusive environment—where a full range of perspectives and viewpoints are articulated and respected—is essential to our community.

Justice would be a simple matter if all problems could be resolved by easy reference to principles of right and wrong. Often, there is depth and power to both sides of an argument. Understanding different perspectives becomes fundamental to preparing, analyzing and anticipating legal challenges.

Diversity at Cardozo is multidimensional, going beyond simple metrics of gender, race and age. We believe diversity is defined by the ideas expressed in a community with a broad range of perspectives, life experiences and cultural backgrounds. An inclusive community enriches the experience of students intellectually and helps them become innovative problem solvers.

We provide hands-on clinic work, active support of student groups, mentoring, networking, career guidance, scholarship initiatives and a robust schedule of events.

By bringing a world of ideas together under one roof, we believe our multidimensional view of diversity supports a unity of purpose, seeking to define justice and make the world a better place. Join us.

"Cardozo has shown a strong commitment towards increasing diversity within the legal profession and has recognized that developing an environment where students are able to have a diversity in ideas and cultures leads to the productions of the best legal advocates."

-Gow W. Mosby, Jr. '18

Diversity Initiatives

Dean’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion

The Dean’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion (“DCDI”) was a forum and working group that was created to assist the Dean in proactively and creatively meeting the diversity-related challenges affecting Cardozo Law and the legal profession. The DCDI was made up of Cardozo administrators, alumni, faculty and students. 

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

The mission of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (“ODI”) is three-fold: to ensure that all Cardozo graduates have the cultural competency to be effective attorneys and leaders; to cultivate and sustain an inclusive campus culture where students, faculty, administrators and staff of all backgrounds feel welcome and valued; and to provide support and guidance to students who are underrepresented based upon race, color, culture, ethnicity, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition, age, creed, religion, socioeconomic status, ancestry, nationality, citizen or immigrant status, marital or civil union status, familial or parental status, veteran status and the intersectionalities thereof. Cardozo Law is committed to supporting, encouraging and fostering an open and inclusive community that respects the dignity of each individual, embraces diversity as a means of promoting a learning environment, encourages an exchange of information, values and ideas, and is free from discrimination, harassment and intimidation.

Office of Career Services - Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Cardozo’s Office of Career Services (“OCS”) provides a dedicated OCS Coordinator of Diversity Initiatives who works in conjunction with Cardozo’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion to develop resources and programming, in addition to providing advice to students and alumni regarding placement.  OCS also provides resources targeting students and alumni of diverse backgrounds, including the OCS Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives Guide and provides information about, and access to, a broad range of initiatives, including career fairs, fellowships, internships, and scholarships. 

"I felt welcomed into the Cardozo community from my first day here. The students, the faculty and the staff have always been friendly and supportive. Being here felt like being home. I not only met new people, I have made friends from every part of the world. Cardozo represents the spirit of New York."

-Bijal Trivedi, LL.M. '16


Diversity Events

Discover Cardozo
Discover Cardozo is an open house event tailored to prospective students of color and LGBTQI students. The objective of Discover Cardozo is to demystify the law school admission process and to underscore Cardozo as a law school that seeks to enroll students who have varied backgrounds and interests. Discover Cardozo participants observe a law school class, tour the facility and hear from various Cardozo community members. In small groups, they meet with current students to discuss expectations and academic success strategies. The participants also have an opportunity to interact with the Minority Law Student Alliance (MLSA) and each of its member-organizations. In addition, participants hear from diverse members of the Cardozo faculty and administration on how to have a successful first year, and the importance of defining your professional goals and aspirations.

"The Cardozo community actively seeks diverse solutions within their work and everyday life. Continually learning from each other in this manner makes us successful advocates."

-Jay Vyas '17

Youth Law Day

In conjunction with Cardozo’s Office of Career Services and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the Office of Admissions participates in Youth Law Day. This program is hosted with the New York State Bar, Department of Education and Law School Admission Council (LSAC). The event addresses early outreach, awareness and preparation aimed at racially and ethnically diverse students who are in high school or their first two years of college. Cardozo was named a top 10 finalist for the 2015 LSAC Diversity Matters Award in honor of its commitment to diversity.

Horizons: Orientation Program for Incoming Students
Historically a student-driven initiative, and now a Cardozo tradition, Horizons is designed to provide incoming students of color and members of the LGBTQI community insight on navigating the law school landscape. Held during our extensive orientation program, Horizons offers incoming students a foretaste of classes and faculty expectations. Components of the program have included a mock class taught by a Cardozo faculty member and debriefing sessions with current students and alumni.

Dean’s Reception on Diversity and Inclusion
At the start of the fall semester, the Office of the Dean and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion co-sponsor an annual evening reception for students, faculty, administration and staff. The Dean’s Reception features a keynote speaker who addresses the Cardozo community on the importance of diversity within the legal profession.

"I'm always amazed by the myriad interests of my colleagues and professors here at Cardozo. I am especially motivated by my professors' intellect and dedication. They inspire me to challenge myself each day."

-Jiali (Keli) Huang '17

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