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Elizabeth Goldman '90             




The 2019 Alumni Celebration will raise money to help all of Cardozo’s clinics. Cardozo is a leader in practical legal education and our clinics attract the most talented and gifted students. With your help, we can better amplify student learning. Our outstanding clinical faculty have identified the following areas in need of your support.

Competitive Professional Experience: Providing vanguard technology and furnishing Cardozo students with an environment and tools that professionalize their clinical learning allows our students increased opportunity to focus their legal scholarship on helping others and effectuate change. There is a need for technology that allows faculty to remotely observe real and simulated student consultations with clients while recording those sessions for immediate analysis. This can help shape a student’s performance with their clients, allow for increased confidence both for the students and the confidence a client has in Cardozo. For example, the clinics providing direct client representation such as the Bet Tzedek, Criminal Defense, or Indie Film clinics would benefit greatly from this ability to observe students either in simulations prior to or during interactions with their clients. Further, these advancements are essential building blocks that can propel our students and allow them to be closer to front-line change making.

Rapid Response Learning Fund: This fund allows for a greater number of students to respond to time-sensitive worldly issues. For example, Immigration Justice Clinic students go to the Texas border to assist with asylum applications. However, additional funding would allow students from several other clinics the wherewithal to respond to the increasing and badly-needed work at the border and in areas that are lacking the resources Cardozo clinics can provide. Such an opportunity not only enhances student learning, it also provides a critically important service to an under-served population. There is also a need for funding for international travel which broadens Cardozo’s footprint by allowing students in the Human Rights Clinic to travel outside the U.S. to investigate potential human rights violations that unfortunately exist in many nations around the world. Finally, funding would help cover the cost of conference opportunities outside New York City heightening student substantive-area expertise.


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Matthew Asbell '07
Andrew Berman '16
Heather Brodsky '17
Rosemary Byrne '80
Ellen Cherrick '80
Ilene Fish '94
Loretta Gastwirth '82
Elizabeth Goldman '90
Pamela Grutman '14
Isabelle Kirshner '81
Jessica Klotz ’93
William Lee '17
Marc A. Lieberstein ’92
Lauren Mack '89
Danielle Maggiacomo '13
Noemi Masliah '79
David Mignardi '10
Vivien Naim '88
Adam Namoury '12
Jacqueline Newman '99
Rachel Jacobs Opsal ’13
Leonard Ritz '96
David Schrader '88
Jill Tomlinson '06
Ken Weiss ’88
Francesca Witzburg '14
Bryan Wolin '12
Kenneth Yu '06


For more information, please contact Inez Lano, Director of Alumni Affairs at 212.790.0378 or e-mail