Mediation and Other Methods to Foster Democratic Dialogue

June 2-14, 2013, Budapest, Hungary

Cardozo offered students the opportunity to study conflict resolution processes abroad in Budapest, Hungary this past summer.  This two-week, three credit (3 credits) program led by Professor Lela Love and Professor Jim Coben enables students to critically examine mediation in both developed and developing democracies.   This course gives students the opportunity to study conflict resolution processes through multinational examples and perspectives and with colleagues from both developed and emerging democracies.  

At Central European University, American students learn side-by-side with their counterparts from Central and Eastern European countries and from around the world.  The course is designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and cooperative projects among academics, professionals, and students in the East and West who are pursuing the study of conflict and conflict resolution processes.  This is an unparalleled cross-cultural learning experience sponsored by Cardozo, together with both the Dispute Resolution Institute of Hamline University School of Law and Central European University. 

















Justice and Reconciliation: Conflict Resolution and Evolution in South Africa

January 3-13, 2013, Capetown and Johannesburg, South Africa

This year’s winter break brought Cardozo students to South Africa to explore the role of conflict resolution in the country’s rich and unique culture. Fifteen students joined Professor Lela LoveProfessor Leslie Salzman, and Glen Parker on a 10-day journey through South Africa where they met with leading professionals in the field of Conflict Resolution. The group’s goal was to gain a first-hand perspective of how South Africa managed its transition from apartheid to a new democracy and how conflict resolution processes are currently used, particularly in the context of labor relations. 


Mediation, Restorative Justice and Conflict Management Intiatives in Israel

January 1-11, 2012, Israel

Over the 2012 winter break, twelve Cardozo students traveled to Israel with Professor Lela Love, Professor Leslie Salzman, and Assistant Dean Amy Sugin for a nine-day seminar on the country's range of mediation, restorative justice and conflict management efforts. Participants explored different kinds of conflicts that are relevant to Israel's people-from conflicts between Arabs and Jews and between the religious right and secular Jews, to marital disputes-and the ways in which mediators, academics, lawyers and citizens are living, managing, and working to ameliorate those conflicts.  Students also examined the development and current role of mediation in the Israeli judicial system in a range of substantive areas, as well as the use of traditional and innovative methods of dispute resolution to address conflicts specific to the lives of individuals living in Israel.