Format: 2014-04
Apr 14, 2014
Forbes - The government brief and several of the amici cite the work of Professor Edward Zelinsky of Yeshiva University. Professor Zelinsky has written that Section 107(2) is constitutionally permissible although not necessarily good tax policy.
Apr 9, 2014
OUPBlog - It is thus anomalous that New York State’s personal income tax discourages interstate telecommuting by taxing the compensation non-resident telecommuters earn on the days such telecommuters work at their out-of-state homes.
Apr 8, 2014
The Seattle Times - While people in Stockholm and Seoul are paying $30 per month for gigabit-speed symmetric fiber access, people in Seattle are paying far more for far less.
Apr 7, 2014
Professor Marci Hamilton, one of the United States’ leading church/state scholars and the Paul R. Verkuil Chair in Public Law at Cardozo, has been publishing a series of commentaries on Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.
Apr 7, 2014
A new report raises concerns about how the inheritance of retirement accounts can become a problem for millions of Americans.
Mar 31, 2014
Bloomberg View - For a perfect picture of Internet access market power, unconstrained by competition or oversight, consider this week's rumor that Comcast Corp. is talking with Apple Inc. about developing a snazzy new window on television programming.

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