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Oct 13, 2015

Cardozo's FAME Center: Fashion, Arts, Media, Entertainment Law

"Intellectual property law is the biggest industry in New York City," says Cardozo Law's Jeanne L. Schroeder. "We are using our world-class intellectual property program to introduce FAME: Fashion, Arts, Media, and Entertainment law."

Oct 12, 2015
On September 20-21, 2015, Professor Michel Rosenfeld and his program
in Global and Comparative Constitutional Theory under the sponsorship
of the  Cardozo's Floersheimer Center for Constitutional Democracy
brought together a formidable international group to address the
vexing question of the accommodation of religious beliefs in secular
democratic societies, including recent refusals to issue marriage
licenses to same-sex couples on religious conscience grounds -a topic
Sep 30, 2015

Here’s How Trump’s Tax Plan Would Affect You
By AIMEE PICCHI, The Fiscal Times
September 29, 2015

Donald Trump’s tax plan was revealed with a message for millions of Americans: “You win!”

Sep 21, 2015

Aug 11, 2015

Faculty at Cardozo Law (Yeshiva University) Ranks 29th Nationally in New Study of Scholarly Impact

Cardozo Law ranks as one of the most influential law schools in the country, and in the top three in NYC


Aug 11, 2015

The internet of things is envisioned to be a “programmable world” where the scale, scope, and power of these tools is amplified as we become increasingly predictable: more data about us, more data about our neighbours, and thus more ways to shape our collective beliefs, preferences, attitudes and outlooks.

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