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Library SPRING 2003


An Interview with Earle I. Mack
Board chairman for more than a decade, member of the Cardozo Board for twice that, Earle I. Mack tells Cardozo Life editor Susan Davis how he has maintained his enthusiasm for Cardozo and what he still wants to accomplish.

Cardozo Emerges New
Nearly $40 million has been spent in enlarging and renovating Cardozo. The newest floor of the library and the lobby level of Brookdale Center opened during the spring semester, offering students a first-rate urban campus.

Washington, Patton, Schwarzkopf, and... Ashcroft?
In recent years it has become somewhat common practice to refer to both the Attorney General and the Solicitor General as "General," a title not endorsed by governmental agencies nor one historically or grammatically appropriate. Professor Herz writes amusingly about the genesis of this honorific.
By Michael Herz, Professor of Law

Making it Big: Cardozo Powergrads Take on Corporate America
A great number of Cardozo graduates enter the field of corporate law; however, that may be where the similarities end. As shown here, many choose very distinct, individualized career paths.
By Melissa Payton

Around Campus
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