Selected intellectual property resources are listed below. To identify additional treatises, search BEN. Use a word or subject search if you do not know the exact title or author.

• Dratler, Cyberlaw: Intellectual Property in the Digital Millennium (KF2979 .D71 2000)
• Epstein on Intellectual Property (KF2979 .E67 2006)
• Holmes, Intellectual Property and Antitrust Law (KF3116 .H64 1983, Westlaw - IPANTITRST)
• McManis, Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition in a Nutshell (Reserve KF1610 .M354 2012)
• Horwitz, Intellectual Property Counseling and Litigation (KF2979 .I55, LexisNexis - 2NDARY;INPCAL)
• IP and Antitrust: an Analysis of Antitrust Principles Applied to Intellectual Property Law (Reserve KF3116 .H682)
• Miller & Davis, Intellectual Property: Patents, Trademarks and Copyright in a Nutshell (Reserve KF2980 .M52 2012)
• Schechter & Thomas, Intellectual Property: the Law of Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks (Reserve KF2980 .S3 2003)
• BNA’S Patent Trademark & Copyright Journal (KF3091 .A3 B25)
• McCarthy’s Desk Encyclopedia of Intellectual Property (Reference KF2976.4 .M38 2004)
• Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (KF3091 .A3)
• Scott on Information Technology Law (KF390.5 .C6 S382)


• Dinwoodie, International Intellectual Property Law & Policy (K1401 .D56 2001)
• Letterman, Basics of International Intellectual Property Law (K1401 .L48 2001)
• Tritton, Intellectual Property in Europe (K1401 .T75 2008)
• World Intellectual Property Report (K1401 .A13 W67, Bloomberg Law)

Major Intellectual Property Treaties:

• Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)
• Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property (21 U.S.T. 1583, 24 U.S.T. 2140, T.I.A.S. 6923, 7727)


American Intellectual Property Law Association
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Intellectual Property Owners Association
International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys
International Intellectual Property Alliance
OAS Intellectual Property Rights Database
World Intellectual Property Organization

Copyright (U.S.C. Title 17) (C.F.R. Title 37)

• Copyright Law Reporter (Reserve KF2991.5 .C66, BEN)
• Goldstein on Copyright (KF2994 .G62 2005, BEN - Intelliconnect)
• Nimmer on Copyright (KF2991.5 .N55 1978, LexisNexis - 2NDARY;NIMMER)
• Patry on Copyright (KF2991 .5 .P38, Westlaw- PATRY)
• Patry on Fair Use (KF3031.1 .P37 2009)
• Perl, Williams & Fischer on Publishing Law (KF2750 .P433)

International Copyright:

• Copyright Laws and Treaties of the World (K1419.2 1956)
• Copyright: World Law and Practice (K1420.5 .C66)
• Geller & Nimmer, International Copyright Law and Practice (K1420.5 .I54 1988, LexisNexis - 2NDARY;INTCLP)
• Reinbothe & von Lewinski, The WIPO Treaties 1996: the WIPO Copyright Treaty and the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty, Commentary and Legal Analysis (K1418 2002)
• Sterling, World Copyright Law (K1420.5 .S735 2003)

Major Copyright Treaties:

•  Universal Copyright Convention (25 U.S.T. 1341, T.I.A.S. 7868)
•  Berne Convention (U.S. Senate Treaty Doc. 99-27)
•  WIPO World Copyright Treaty
•  Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions

Copyright Organizations:

Copyright Alliance
Copyright and Fair Use (Stanford University Libraries)
Copyright Society of the U.S.A.
Fair Use Project
U.S. Copyright Office

Patents (U.S.C. Title 35 and C.F.R. Title 37)

• Patent Law Basics (KF3114 .R651, Westlaw - PATBASICS)
• Mills, Patent Law Fundamentals (KF3114 .R673, Westlaw - PATLAWF)
• Chisum on Patents (KF3114 .C47, LexisNexis - 2NDARY;CHISUM)
• Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (KF3120 .A43)
• Moy’s Walker on Patents (KF3114 .D44 2003, Westlaw - MOY-PAT)
• Schlicher, Patent Law, Legal and Economic Principles (KF3116 .S351, Westlaw - PATLEGECON)
• Donner, Patent Prosecution: Law,Practice and Procedure (KF3120 .D66 2012)
• United States Patent Quarterly (KF3093.4 .U55)

International Patents:

• Patents Throughout the World (K1505.4 .P37 2002)
• Baxter, World Patent Law and Practice (K1505.4 .B38 1968, LexisNexis – PATENT;BAXPAL)

Major Patent Treaties:

Patent Cooperation Treaty (28 U.S.T. 7645, T.I.A.S. 8733)

Patent Organizations:

European Patent Office
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Trademarks (U.S.C. Title 15 and C.F.R. Title 37)

• Callman, The Law of Unfair Competition, Trademarks and Monopolies (KF3195 .A6 C34 1981, Westlaw - CALLMAN)
• McCarthy on Trademarks and Unfair Competition (Reserve KF3180 .M32 1996, Westlaw - MCCARTHY)
• Restatement of the Law, Third, Unfair Competition (KF3195 .R471)
• Trademark Law and Theory: a Handbook of Contemporary Research (Cardozo Publications K1555 .T67 2008)
• Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (KF3181 .A355 A191)
• Gilson, Trademark Protection and Practice (KF3178.4 .G541, LexisNexis - 2NDARY;GILSON)
• Trademark Law Reporter (BEN)

International Trademarks:

• Trademarks Throughout the World (K1555.4 .T722, Westlaw - TMWORLD)
• Trade Marks, Trade Names, and Unfair Competition: World Law and Practice(K1555.4 .O47)
• Horwitz, World Trademark Law and Practice (K1555.4 .H67 1985, LexisNexis - 2NDARY;WTMLAW)

Major Trademark Treaties:

Madrid Protocol

Trademark Organizations:

International Trademark Association
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office


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