The Monrad G. Paulsen Competition, named after Cardozo's first Dean, is an intramural competition, sponsored by the Moot Court Honor Society, which provides a forum for second and third year students to compete for recognition as Cardozo's best advocates. All upper level students are eligible to participate. Entrants write briefs which are evaluated by the Moot Court Honor Society Editorial Board and faculty members. Entrants then participate in an "elimination style" oral advocacy tournament which is judged by faculty, practicing attorneys and judges. Students submit a brief on one of the two issues of law before the court and orally argue both issues over several nights of competition. Students with the best oral and written scores advance progressively to semi-final and final rounds. On the basis of their performance in the competition, some participants are invited to join the Moot Court Honor Society.

The 2015 & 2016 videos are unavailable at this time.

The Winners of the 2014 Competition were:

Krisen Niven '15 1st Place Oralist
Jon Wilcon '15 2nd Place Oralist
Christine Tsai '15 1st Place Brief
Brett Ruber '15 2nd Place Brief


2014 Monrad G. Paulsen Competition Final Round:

2014 Paulsen Competition - Final Round


The Winners of the 2013 Competition were:

Jonathan Lynn   '14 1st Place Oralist
David Kurlander  '14 2nd Place Oralist
David Kurlander  '14 1st Place Brief
Kyanna Lewis '15 2nd Place Brief


2013 Monrad G. Paulsen Competition Final Round:

Paulsen Competition 2013


The Winners of the 2012 Competition were:

Carl Hurvich   '14 1st Place Oralist
Timothy White  '14 2nd Place Oralist
Sheri Adler  '13 1st Place Brief
David Kurlander '14 2nd Place Brief


2012 Monrad G. Paulsen Competition Final Round:

2012 Paulsen Moot Court Final