The Langfan Family Constitutional Oratorical Competition has recognized student excellence in public speaking and rhetoric since its establishment in 2001. Langfan is not a traditional moot court competition where judges interrupt competitors during their argument. Instead, it is an oratorical competition in which competitors deliver a short uninterrupted speech analyzing a controversial constitutional issue.

The 2016 Langfan topic was:

"Last month, for the first time in a decade, Supreme Court Justice Clarance Thomas asked a question from the bench: Does a misdemeanor violation warrant a suspension of one's constitutional rights? Discuss Justice Thomas's question as it applies to domestic violence misdemeanors and the right to bear arms."

Congratulations to the 2016 winners:

First Place, Reginald Greene

Second Place, Joseph Fielding

Third Place, Michael Lynch

Video of the 2016 Competition Final Round to come



Final Round of the 2014 Langfan Oratorical Competition:

2014 Langfan Oratorical Competition


The Winners of the 2014 Competition were:

Marni Isaacson   '14 1st Place
Akansha Mishra  '15 2nd Place
Amy Cassidy  '14 3rd Place


Final Round of the 2013 Langfan Oratorical Competition:

2013 Langfan Oratorical Competition Final


The Winners of the 2013 Competition were:

Erik Wilson   '13 1st Place
Amy Cassidy  '14 2nd Place
Agatha Cole  '13 3rd Place


Final Round of the 2012 Langfan Oratorical Competition:

2012 Langfan Oratorical Competition


The Winners of the 2012 Competition were:

Akil Alleyne '13 1st Place
Alan Gray '14 2nd Place
Etie-Lee Schaub '12 3rd Place