Congratulations to our Liza Suckle 2015 Competitors!

Cardozo School of Law Honors the top 4 competitors with the Liza Suckle Prize:

First Place: Dov Freundlich 

Second Place: Sarah Griggs

Third Place: Brooke Ford

Fourth Place: Tova Ferstenberg


Achievements for the 2014-15 season for the Cardozo Moot Court Honor Society included:


  • National Champions at the Tulane Mardi Gras Invitational National Sports Law Competition

    • Oralists: Vino Jayaraman and Joseph Kammerman; Coaches: Shanitra Waymire, Justin Reiter

      • Third Place, Best Brief


  • Semifinalists at the John Marshall Information Technology & Privacy Law Competition

    • Oralists: Akansha Mishra and Hilary Orzick; Coach: Shea Donato

      • Second Place, Best Petitioner Brief

      • Third Place, Best Overall Oralist - Akansha Mishra

      • Fifth Place, Best Overall Oralist - Hilary Orzick


  • Quarterfinalists at the International Media Competition in Oxford, England

    • Oralists, Brett bacon, Leah Gerstley, Jaimie Lerner, and Terel Watson; Coach: Matthew Kennedy


  • Quarterfinalists at the Fordham Kaufman Securities Competition

    • Oralists: Joe Jestus and Rossana Gallego; Coach: Daniel Joy



Team John Marshall

TJ Satnick, Aaron Kelly, Joseph Kammerman, Shanitra Waymire, Hilary Orzick, Victoria Serigano, and Shea Donato


Two Teams to San Diego

Julia Jenkins, Joe Jestus, Andrew Berman, Vino Jayaraman, Mike Gluck, Anthony Ford, Charlotte Fabiani Ariane Rockoff-Kirk, Sarah Kinne, Darien Blair, Kyle Dugan, and Khalil Nobles

(Not shown: Nancy Baynard, Pablo Madriz, and Shanitra Waymire)


Team Pepperdine

Shaina Schwartz, Jacqueline Ahn, Matt Wood,  Rossana Gallego, Monica Aurelien, Lauren Herz, and Saghar Esfandiarifard


Team City Bar

Diana Li and Jonah Zweig

(Not shown: Ben Little, Dan Joy, Chris Asberry, Emily Lurie, Rachel Deutsch, Joanna Sobel)


Team American Lawyers Association

Rebecca Manning, Lisa Chodosh, Liliya Perelman, Jared Evans, Danielle Volpe, Justin Reiter, and Shari Byer


Team Tulane

Justin Reiter, Shanitra Waymire, Liliya Perelman, Monica Aurelien, Mike Gluck, Vino Jayaraman, and Joseph Kammerman


Team Fordham

Daniel Joy, Joe Jestus, Rossana Gallego, Danielle Volpe, and Jared Evans

(Not shown: Emily Laurie)


Team Brooklyn

Sarah Kinne, Hilary Orzick, Diana Li, Julia Jenkins, and Shaina Shwartz

(Not shown: Khalil Nobles, Rebecca Manning, and Rachel Duetsch)


Team Federal Bar Association

TJ Satnick, Jacqueline Ahn, Darien Blair, and Anthony Ford

(Not shown: Jonah Zweig, Joanna Sobel, and Aaron Kelly)


Team Widener

Shari Byer, Charlotte Fabiani, Andrew Berman, Kyle Dugan, Lauren Herz, and Victoria Serigano

(Not shown: Pablo Madriz)


Team Oxford

Brett Bacon, Michael Moradi, Leah Gertsley, Matt Kennedy, Greg Brown, Jaimie Lowen

(Not shown: Terel Watson)