Peter Tillers

Professor Emeritus (deceased)


A.B., 1966, Yale College
J.D., 1969, LL.M., 1972, Harvard Law School


Professor Tillers taught for over two decades at Carodoz School of law. He died in 2015.

He was a reviser of John Henry Wigmore's multi-volume treatise on the law of evidence and has published a variety of articles on evidence, inference, and investigation. Tillers was an editor of the Oxford journal Law, Probability and Riskformer chairman and secretary of the Evidence Section of the Association of American Law Schools. He was a fellow of Law & Humanities at Harvard University and an Alexander von Humboldt & Senior Max Rheinstein Fellow at the University of Munich. Professor Tillers was a visiting professor at Harvard Law School in the spring semester of 2002, and legal adviser for the Latvian mission to the United Nations during the 48th Session of the General Assembly. He maintains a website with discussion of a wide range of general issues of evidence.


Professor Tillers' scholarship focused on evidential inference and fact investigation in legal settings. 

Professor Tillers was born in Riga, Latvia, in 1943. He arrived in the United States in 1950.


Professor Tillers' CV



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Major work in progress: P. Tillers & Joannes Pilapil, The Structure of Proof in Modern American Trials (Aspen Publishers) (for multivolume set The New Wigmore).




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