For May-entry students: the summer 2014 coverage dates are May 13, 2014 to August 14, 2014.

More information regarding the summer student health plan is included in the Health Insurance Memo to Students- Summer 2014.pdf and below.

Continuing students: The spring/summer 2014 coverage dates are January 1, 2014 to August 14, 2014. 

More information regarding the spring/summer student health plan is included in the Health Insurance Memo to Students- Spring 2014.pdf.

Summer 2014 Health Insurance Information

To assist students in avoiding unanticipated medical costs, Cardozo Law School requires all students enrolled in six or more credits to maintain health insurance coverage that meets or exceeds the University’s criteria listed below.
In conjunction with the implementation of new healthcare legislation (The Affordable Care Act), the Yeshiva University student insurance plan will offer students expanded coverage for the 2013-2014 academic year. Coverage includes a $500,000 maximum per policy year, an out of pocket maximum of $5,000, and enhanced benefits including the removal of internal maximums, mental health parity in coverage, and preventative coverage paid at 100%. 
You will be automatically enrolled in the student health insurance plan, and premium charges will be billed automatically to your Cardozo student account. For summer 2014, you will be billed $529.


As with all insurance plans, please remember that not all of your expenses and not all doctors/providers will be covered. We have made every effort to provide you with low-cost insurance with the best coverage possible at that rate. It is important that you review and understand the terms of the student insurance plan. Cardozo cannot be responsible for any balance of payment that may be due after processing by Academic HealthPlans. More information, including the Plan Brochure is available at The Law School has made a special arrangement to have the deductible and co-insurance waived for routine visits to a primary care doctor at the Beth Israel Health Services Clinic. (However, additional services, including diagnostic tests, blood work, etc., may not be covered or may be subject to a deductible, co-insurance, and/or maximums.) This benefit is only available to students who are covered under the student health insurance plan. The clinic is located at 317 East 17th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue, 2nd floor and can be contacted by calling 212.420.2882. (Please note that this waiver does not apply to other departments at Beth Israel.) 

Students enrolled in the plan may also enroll their spouses and/or dependents. Spouses and/or dependents must be enrolled at the initial time of student enrollment or beginning with the next enrollment period. To enroll your spouse and/or dependent, go to, download a Spouse and/or Dependent Enrollment Form, and submit payment directly to AHP.  

Insurance ID cards will be mailed to the address on file at the school. Please make sure to update your contact information with the Registrar’s Office at Cardozo or Banner each time it changes.


Waiver Eligibility

Students who already have coverage equal to or greater than coverage under the Student Health Insurance Plan have the option to request a waiver from the requirements of purchasing the Student Plan. *PLEASE NOTE: STUDENTS MUST SUBMIT A NEW WAIVER REQUEST EACH FALL, EVEN IF THEY COMPLETED ONE THE PREVIOUS YEAR. MAY-ENTRY STUDENTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT A NEW WAIVER REQUEST IN FALL 2014 FOR THE 2014-2015 ACADEMIC YEAR, EVEN IF THEIR SUMMER WAIVER IS GRANTED.
NEW WAIVER REQUESTS MUST BE SUBMITTED ONLINE NO LATER THAN JUNE 2, 2014 AT 11:59 P.M. Unfortunately, there are no extentions or exceptions to this deadline. 
If you request a waiver, you will be required to provide proof that your private insurance plan meets all of the following criteria:
1. The insurance company must be headquartered and operating in the United States, with a U.S. claims address and customer service telephone number.
2. The insurance coverage must remain in effect from May 13, 2014 through August 14, 2014.
3. The plan must provide inpatient hospitalization benefits in the New York City area, including mental health benefits.
4. The plan must provide outpatient benefits in the New York City area, including office visits, outpatient mental health benefits, maternity benefits, and laboratory and radiology procedures. (Please note that coverage for emergency-only care does not satisfy the requirement.)
5. The maximum benefit payable under the insurance plan must be at least $100,000 (US currency) per condition with a deductible not to exceed $250 (US currency) per year. For international students, the insurance plan must also include coverage for medical evacuation of at least $25,000 (US currency) and repatriation of remains of at least $15,000 (US currency) per year.
Travel policies and insurance plans that always require you to pay for treatment yourself and then apply for reimbursement will not be acceptable for waiving out of the Student Health Insurance Plan.
If your private health insurance coverage terminates, you are required to purchase the student health insurance. To purchase the student plan, please contact the Office of Student Finance at 212.790.0392 before your current coverage terminates. Please note that coverage must be purchased prior to the last 30 days of classes. 


Instructions for Submitting a Waiver Request:

To request a waiver, please visit and fill out an online waiver request form. Both the domestic and international student waivers must be submitted online. Please make sure to fill out the applicable Cardozo waiver.
The waiver deadline is June 2, 2014. All relevant documentation, and any additional information requested, must be received by that date.  If a student does not submit an online waiver request by the waiver deadline, the student will be responsible for the premium charged to his/her account. No refund will be given unless a student enters the armed forces and provides proof of active duty. Unfortunately, there are no extensions or exceptions to this deadline.

Once you have successfully submitted your waiver request you should receive an automated email confirming receipt of your request. Please be sure to check to make sure you have received a submission confirmation email, and print for your records. Should there be any problems with your waiver, you will need this confirmation email and your waiver request ID number. This automated email does not constitute granting of a waiver; a separate email as to whether your waiver request has been approved will be sent from Academic HealthPlans within approximately one week. Those students who are granted a waiver will have the health insurance fee removed from their Cardozo accounts. Please note that it is the student's responsibility to follow up on their waiver status, and to ensure that all documents are received by AHP by the waiver deadline.


Continuation of Coverage

Individuals who will soon no longer be eligible for the student plan (i.e. graduates or students who have to withdraw from the law school) have the option to purchase a three or six month continuation of coverage. Continuation of coverage is only available to students currently insured through the student health insurance plan who have been insured for at least six continuous months before the coverage end date. Academic HealthPlans must receive the continuation enrollment form, available online at, and payment before your student health insurance coverage terminates. 

If you have questions about the Student Health Insurance Plan, you may contact Academic HealthPlans, Inc. at 855.247.2273 or