Frequently Asked Questions for Student Health Insurance

Important Terms

Academic HealthPlans, Inc (AHP) – Customer Service/Enrollment
ACE Property & Casualty – Insurance Company
PHCS – PPO - Preferred Provider Network (Medical)
Klais & Company, Inc. – Claims Company
WellCardRx – Pharmacy Network (AHP Plus discount program; no extra cost)
DenteMax – Dental Network (AHP Plus discount program; no extra cost)
Outlook Benefit Solutions – Vision Network (AHP Plus discount program; no extra cost)
Lab and Imaging – AHP Plus discount program; no extra cost


How do I check whether a doctor accepts the insurance?


How do I check whether a doctor accepts the insurance?

When you call a doctor’s office to check whether that doctor accepts the student health insurance, you must tell the doctor that they are insured through ACE Property and Casualty and that you found them through the PHCS PPO network. (The doctor will not be familiar with “Academic HealthPlans”.)


How does the doctor verify my coverage?

If the doctor needs to verify your coverage under the insurance, ask the doctor to call Academic HealthPlans at 855.247.2273.


How do I search for in-network doctor, hospital, or pharmacy?

You can access Beech Street’s website through AHP’s website, and can search their directory by location or physician name, and then by doctor specialty. 
1. Go to
2. Under the Benefits column click “Find a Provider"
3. Click “Search for a Doctor of Facility"


How do I obtain a permanent ID card?

Permanent ID cards will be mailed to the address on file at the Cardozo Registrar’s Office. (Please make sure your information is current; update your information each time it changes.) You should receive your card during the third week of classes. If you need a card before you receive your permanent card, please see below on printing a temporary ID card. If you did not receive a permanent ID card, please call Academic HealthPlans at 855.247.2273. Verify the address that they have on file, and ask them to issue you a new card. ID cards generally take two weeks to process, print, and mail.


How do I print a temporary ID card?

You can print a paper temporary ID card on AHP’s website.
1. Go to
2. Under the Benefits column click “Coverage Letter/Temporary ID Card"
3. Enter your Student ID#, Date of Birth, and Zip Code

How do I submit a waiver request?

Waiver guidelines and instructions are in the Student Health Insurance Memo on ANGEL/Cardozo Community/Health and Wellness/General Medical Healthcare Resources/Student Health Insurance. A copy is also available in the Office of Student Services and Advising, room 1043. You can also find more information in the Student Health Insurance section of the website.

Domestic and international students must both fill out the waiver request online at 


How do I know what is covered under the insurance plan?

You can see the plan highlights and read the complete plan brochure at You can also call Academic HealthPlans at 855.247.2273 to find out your coverage. General terms are below.

Students pay: $200 deductible (one time only) + 20% of the bill for in-network services (60% co-insurance for out-of-network); there is an out-of-pocket maximum of $5,000; check the plan brochure for restrictions and/or maximums (x-rays, lab tests, and other services can be subject to other limitations or may not be covered.
Insurance pays: 80% of the bill, after the $200 one time only deductible, for in-network services up to the $500,000 maximum. After the student has paid $5,000 for services, the insurance will cover expenses at 100% up to the maximum.

The deductible and co-insurance are waived for routine primary care visits at Beth Israel Health Clinic, but only at the 317 East 17th Street location. (This benefit is not provided at other Beth Israel departments.) The clinic phone number is 212.420.2882. Please note that other services (lab tests, blood work, etc.) may not be covered or may be subject to maximums.

If you have pre-existing condition questions, please email Manny Pendola at Academic HealthPlans at


Can I extend my coverage after graduation or if I withdraw from the law school?

3L students who will be graduating or students who have withdrawn and who are currently covered and have been covered for the prior 6 months can extend their coverage for 3 or 6 months after the coverage expires. Please see for coverage renewal options.


What features are on AHP’s website (

You can see the plan costs; enroll your spouse and/or dependents; upgrade your coverage; renew your coverage for after graduation; find waiver request information; see the plan highlights; read the complete plan brochure; print a temporary ID card; find in-network providers; find contact information for a 24-hour nurse hotline; get information about insurance while traveling abroad; find claim information; and get more information on the AHP Plus discount programs.


Other Questions

Contact AHP at 855.247.2273 or You can also contact Ashley Kowal in the Office of Student Services and Advising at 212.790.0864 or