Strategic Relationship Building is a fundamental skill that you will need over the course of your career. As much as technology has reinvented the way business is done, people are still the ones making the important decisions. In this competitive environment, you must take the initiative to create and maintain the professional relationships that will launch, preserve, and develop your career.

Many employment opportunities are not publicly advertised.  They are filled through word-of-mouth referrals.  Additionally, the best opportunities to find and develop mentoring relationships throughout your career occur during personal interactions.  As such, it is important to build your professional network in order for you to maximize your potential for job referrals and mentors. Discover the best strategies to develop and enhance your networking capabilities to take advantage of these opportunities. 

Client & Business Development
As you advance in your legal career at a law firm, it is important to not only develop the requisite knowledge and skills to be an effective attorney for your current clients, you must also develop the ability to attract new clients to the firm and/or create new business opportunities for your employer.  Discover the importance of the business of law to your career.