Impactful Communication is heard and considered. Your message must transcend the cacophony of information that we encounter every day and provide the recipient with a sense that care and thought went into its’ design.

Email Etiquette 
Electronic mail has not only become the main way to communicate socially, it is now the dominant form of business communication. As such, it is important that we observe and maintain certain professional standards in our usage of e-mail communications.  Learn the do’s and don’ts about professional e-mail conduct.

Presentation Skills
In today’s legal profession, it is not only important to have substantive knowledge of an issue.  You must also be able to convey that knowledge effectively.  This is true regardless of whether you are in the classroom or at your employer.  Learn the best strategies to develop these skills. 

Communication with Clients
Lawyers are expected to be effective communicators.  This is especially important when communicating with clients.  A major complaint raised by clients is poor communication or lack of courtesy from their attorneys.  As such, it is critical to develop strategies to ensure that you are communicating clearly and concisely with your client.