A Step by Step Guide to Planning a Successful Event

Step by Step Event Planning 2016.pdf

Please see the below quick links for planning an event:

Communications Requisition Form:

Daily Calendar:,evfilter=114,lbdviewmode=list

Room Reservation Form:

Student Organization Guide:

*Please see the last section for Office Contacts*

A) Holding an Event at Cardozo:

  • Student Bar Association (SBA) organizations and any other student organizations approved by the Office of the Dean may use Cardozo space for meetings, speakers and the like. Individual students are not permitted to independently host events on campus or reserve a room. All events must be sponsored by an office or center, approved student group,  Journal, Moot Court Honor Society, ADR Competition Honor Society, or a faculty member. The law school reserves the right to deny particular requests if a suitable space is unavailable, if the event is inappropriate and/or disruptive to the daily activities of the school.

External Groups:

  • An external group may be permitted to hold their event under the following circumstances:

1. There is an affiliation with the Law School.
2. The topic is in the legal realm and may be of interest to the Cardozo community.
3. Cardozo students may be permitted to attend the event at no cost.
4.  A Cardozo department or student organization is co-sponsoring the event.

  •  External groups are required to place their own catering orders directly with one of our approved vendors, as well as liaise directly with the Cardozo AV department.
  • External groups are required to pay room rental, administration, and AV fees. The fees are based on the room size and may vary between half-day and full-day usage.


  • Events co-sponsored by Cardozo and external organizations may be subject to a room rental and administration fee. This is in addition to any fee charged for AV services.
  •  If there is a subject matter that overlaps with any other student  organizations or school offices please coordinate with them directly to make sure there are no conflicts and to see if co-sponsorship is available.

B) Before Placing the Room request: 

Steps to take prior placing a room request.    

  • Decide on the purpose, focus, and scope of the event.
  • Determine the budget, target audience, and relevant requirements prior to requesting a date. The following requirements should be considered as you begin to plan your event: AV, Catering, CLE credits, Communication needs, Facility Set-up, and Supplies.
  • Questions concerning contracts with outside vendors and honorariums should be directed to Jacklyn Tavarez in the Office of Business Affairs (ext. 314).
  • The online calendar will inform you of all the events taking place in the school on any given day. Please check the online calendar for the proposed date of your event. The online calendar can be accessed by clicking the following link:,evfilter=114,lbdviewmode=list

Establish a budget:

  •  For SBA groups please see the SBA treasurer.

          o   Each group should be responsible for their own budget. Student groups who are not actively checking in with the SBA treasurer on budgets will be denied catering for                      future events.

          o   SBA Groups can acquire budget information from the SBA Executive Board (The Office of Special Events does not manage SBA-budgeted amounts).

  •  For Journals, Moot Court Honor Society, and the ADR Competition Honor Society, Departments, and Clinics, please contact  Jacklyn Taverez in the Office of Business Affairs (x314).
  • If seeking funding from an outside organization please contact Patricia Weiss (ext. 270) with the Office of Institutional Advancement.

C) Booking an Event:
The how-to’s of requesting a room.

  •  Do not publicize events or confirm arrangements with outside guests until you have received confirmation of your booking directly from the Office of Special Events or through the R25 system. Even if the online calendar shows that a certain space is currently available on a particular date, it does not guarantee that your booking can be accommodated.
  • For any large-scale events, please arrange a meeting with the Office of Special Events at least six weeks prior to the event

R25 Room Reservation Form:

  • Due to the influx of requests received, all students, departments, and faculty are required to fill out the online room reservation form. All rooms are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • When requesting an event, please fill out the form in as much detail as possible, including, but not limited to, target audience, catering, set-up, etc.
  • The route to filling out the form online is as followed:

Cardozo Website->Calendar (top right)->log in to Request an Event (mid-left)

Alternatively, you may follow this link:

If this is the first time that you have used the system you will need to create a username and password. All of the information fields on the form in red must be completed in order for the form to be submitted. Once you have completed the form press the next button at the bottom of the page. This brings up a summary page and you must then click the submit button. Once the form has been submitted you will receive an email containing a reference number. Please quote the reference number when emailing the Office of Special Events regarding your event.

This request is received by the Office of Special Events which will then book a room for the event. Please note that this is not always the room that is requested, depending on availability. You will then receive a confirmation email with the details of your room booking.

Placing Holds:

  • It is possible to place a hold on a space so that you can offer your speakers a range of dates. However, one may only place three holds for a single event. When completing the online form, please enter the title of the event along with HOLD so that we know these are tentative dates. Once the speakers have confirmed the date, please contact the Office of Special Events immediately to release the other dates and confirm the event.
  • The Moot Court Room is the most sought after space for holding events. It is often booked a year in advance. Please fill out the room reservation form as early as possible.
  • Large events (e.g., conferences, symposia, a well-known guest speaker, etc.) and events requiring special setup and/or coordination of various departmental services may require six months to a year of advance booking and planning.

C) Preparation:
Details to take care of once a space is booked


  • Alcoholic beverages may only be provided by the Office of Special Events when in compliance with the alcohol policy. Please see the alcohol policy for more information:
  • For each on-campus event where alcohol is served to students, there must be two student alcohol-       monitors registered in advance of the event with the Office of Special Events.  It is essential for any student who organizes an event to review the Alcohol Policy (see the Student Handbook)                                                                                                        and the Student Organization Guide for more complete information; questions may be referred to the Office of Special Events. Failure to comply with these policies may result in future restrictions in funding or group status.
  • All guests may be required to show proof of age at any event where alcohol is served.


Audio Visual:

  • Basic AV support can be requested through the R25 system at the time you schedule an event. For any questions, more advanced requests or requests after the fact please contact the Media Services department directly at or at (212) 790-0238.
  • If an external group is the primary sponsor for an event, they will be charged for the usage of AV depending on the requirements. Please contact the Media Services department directly for more information.
  • All Audio/Visual needs for events should be requested at least a week in advance, to ensure that the necessary equipment and staffing are available. We cannot guarantee that requests received after that time will be granted.


Bulletin Board:

  • Internal organizations such as SBA groups, Journals, Moot Court Honor Society, and ADR Competition Honor Society are welcome to post flyers on the appropriately labeled bulletin boards around campus.  Please note that you may only post one flyer on each board.  All content should be appropriate for a school event.  Please refer to the guidelines which are posted on individual bulletin boards and in the Student Organization Guide for further details on marketing at Cardozo.
  • Advertising for an event where alcohol will be served may not focus on the consumption of alcohol.


  • The Office of Special Events has a professional-quality camera that may be reserved by internal groups or departments.
  • Reservations for the camera should be made with the Office of Special Events two weeks prior the event.
  • Those borrowing the camera are responsible for its safekeeping and for transferring the pictures from it. Pictures that are not removed will be deleted.
  • Please email the Office of Communications with any pictures from an event that you wish to be publicized.


  • When planning an event, please have catering on the forefront of your mind. The maximum amount catered is based strictly on the maximum seating capacity of the room. Please provide a budget when requesting assistance from the Office of Special Events.
  • All groups are required to contact the Office of Special Events at least two-weeks prior to their event, depending on the level of catering.
    Higher-end level of catering requires six weeks notice, while local vendors require two weeks. Guest count can be increased or decreased within these two weeks.  Requests made with less than two weeks notice will not be guaranteed.
  • Any requests given the same week as the event will not be considered. If the case does come up, the group will be required to place their own catering order with one of our approved vendors and file for reimbursement. Please note that reimbursement could take up to 8 weeks.
  • All last minute orders that request reimbursement are to be pre-approved by the Office of Buisness Affairs or the SBA treasurer, as appropriate.
  • Both internal and external groups holding events at Cardozo are required to use one of Yeshiva University’s OU certified vendors. Catering must meet kosher requirements in order to be offered reimbursement for events. Exceptions may be made for specific options which are intrinsic to a cultural event for which a kosher alternative is not available, e.g. moon cakes for a Korean festival.
  • A student group that is holding a meeting may provide their own food and beverages as long as they are kosher certified and prepackaged. Catering guidelines can be obtained at the Events Office.  Please see the following approved kosher symbols:



  • Requests for Communications Office designs, emails, or publicity must be made in writing via the
    Communications Requisition Form: for events planned during the school year.
    All Requests should be made six weeks prior to your event. 
  • Requests for flat screen publicity should be made to Devon Wade:
  • Use of fliers or other printed materials being created by students is subject to approval.
  • A finalized description of the event must be obtained prior to submitting the event request. The event will not be publicized without a proper description.

Inviting Guests:

  • If you wish to invite the Dean to your event, please notify the Director of the Dean’s Office, Christine Arrozal at, as far in advance as possible, since the Dean’s schedule is extremely busy.
  • If you wish to invite alumni to your event, please contact Sharon Ashley Lewis, Director of Alumni Affairs, at, three weeks prior to your event.

Emails Invitations sent by Student Groups:

  • The Cardozo administration has adopted a mass email policy concerning the sending of mass emails by student organizations. This policy applies to all requests whether they are from Student groups, Journals, Moot Court Honor Society, or the ADR Competition Honor Society. For more information on the mass email policy please see the following link:
  • Individual students are not permitted to send mass emails. All mass emails must be from a recognized Cardozo organization or office.

Email Procedures:

  • In order to minimize the volume of emails that students receive, we condense all student organization emails into ONE email per day which will be sent to the entire student body each morning.  If you would like an announcement to be part of the daily distribution, you MUST submit your information at least two days before you wish notice to be sent.  No exceptions will be made to this rule. All texts should be sent to
  • Please note that there will be two sections to the mass email.  One section will be titled “Today at Cardozo” and will only contain announcements about meetings, deadlines, or events taking place that day at Cardozo.  There will be a second section titled “Upcoming Events and Announcements” which will contain any information about the near future. 
  • You may post your event or announcement in each section only once, for a total of two mass emails to the student body, in order to minimize the volume of emails that students receive. For example, you may post an advertisement for your event in the “Upcoming Events and Announcements” section a week prior to your event and then place a reminder in the “Today at Cardozo” section.  If you would like your event posted to both sections, you must submit a separate request for each.

Room Set-Ups:

  • All set-ups are required to be finalized with the Office of Special Events at least a week before an event in order to be guaranteed. Set-up requests given after the one-week deadline will not be guaranteed.


  • Beverages for student-run events can be ordered in advance through the Office of Special Events. Please contact the SBA for any additional supplies.
  • All supplies for department-run events must be purchased by the respective departments through Maccabuy, this includes beverages that aren’t a part of a catering package, easel pads, and so on. This does not include alcholic beverages. Please see the Alcohol section for more information.

D) Day of Details:
On the day details

  • The Office of Special Events is on site to handle any last minute details.  Student groups must request additional supplies for their event (i.e. placards for speakers, water for panelists, etc.) from the Office of Special Events a week in advance.
  • Individuals may not take food at an event that they are not attending. This rule will be strictly enforced for the whole Cardozo community (faculty, staff, students, security, and facilities). Food that is left over from an event may be eaten but only after it is clear that the event has finished and all guests have left the venue.

E) Post-Event:


  • Requests for reimbursements must be submitted by filling out the following form: along with all original receipts to Room 1021 (Office of Business Affairs).
  • Reimbursements could take anywhere between six to eight weeks to process.
  • Reimbursements for catering on-site will only be honored for kosher catering.

Office Contacts:
Please contact the following departments with any questions about event policies.

  • Rooms and Catering- Office of Special Events (Room 1006), ext. 367,
  • Audio Visual- (Library), ext. 222
  • Publicity/Advertisements- Office of Communications and Public Affairs, (Room 1052), ext. 837,
  • Budget and Supplies (students only)- Office of Business Affairs (Room 1015), ext. 314, Jackie Tavarez at or Kenny Mena at
  • Housekeeping/Facilities- Please contact the Office of Special Events.