The following information can be utilized as a guideline for organizing an event at Cardozo School of Law. For more information or details on event planning, please reference the Cardozo Student Handbook and the Student Organization Guide. For additional questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Special Events.


Journals, MCHS, Student Bar Association (SBA) organizations, and any other student organizations approved by the Office of the Dean, may use Cardozo space for meetings, speakers, and the like. The Law School reserves the right to deny particular requests if a suitable space is unavailable or if the event is inappropriate or disruptive to the mission or daily activities of the school. Any group or individual wishing to reserve a room for a purpose other than a regularly scheduled class should make a request via the Special Events request form. Any questions on how to use the form please contact Emily Ackerman, Director of Special Events. Individual students are not permitted to independently host events on campus or reserve a room. All events must be sponsored by an office, approved student group, Journal, Moot Court, or faculty member.

Room requests should be made via the Special Events request form under the calendar section of the Cardozo website, at Click the “Log in to Request an Event” link located on the left hand side and create a username and password. Once created, use this login for all future requests. Before submitting a request, students should look at the website calendar to see if there are any scheduled events that will conflict with their own. To help in this effort, when booking an event using the form, student leaders should be sure to clearly name and briefly describe their event (including a target class year, if relevant) so that others can minimize subsequent conflicts.

You can also preview room availability prior to submitting your request. To do this, click on the header on top of the log in screen titled “Locations”.  You can preview room availability by date on the “Location” page. Room requests should be submitted at least 10 business days before the scheduled date of the event. Room requests submitted less than 10 days before the requested time will be honored as circumstances allow.

Please be aware that submitting a request for a particular room does not guarantee that you will get the room requested for the date/time requested. Notification will be sent as to whether your request can be accommodated. Confirmation of a room assignment must be received before any publication of the event. This is absolutely necessary in order to avoid scheduling conflicts. In addition, failure to clear room assignments through the Office of Special Events may result in a group’s inability to continue using Cardozo space for its meetings.

Any large scale event (an event larger than a meeting, such as an outside speaker or panel, a symposium, an exhibit, etc.) must be coordinated with the Office of Special Events. It is important to speak with the Events Office as early as possible to avoid scheduling conflicts and ensure sufficient time to make all arrangements. Please be aware that large spaces such as the Jacob Burns Moot Court Room and 3rd Floor Greenberg Student Lounge may fill up several months in advance.


It is imperative that groups create an event budget before planning an event. SBA Groups can acquire budget information from the SBA Executive Board (The Office of Special Events does not manage SBA-budgeted amounts). An explanation of the SBA budget process is located on the Cardozo website here.

Journals and MCHS can acquire budget information from Stacy Lansey in the Office of Business Affairs at (212) 790-0316. She will help journals and MCHS establish procedures and parameters for their events. All expenses incurred by journals and MCHS must be pre-approved by this office.

Additional procedures may apply if you are planning a conference through an office at Cardozo.


The Office of Communications and Public Affairs is available to design and order invitations and materials needed for programs involving Cardozo. If a student organization is creating materials of their own, a copy must be given to Jacqueline Reeves in Communications, room 1052, for approval prior to going to print. If an organization uses this Office to produce materials, it should allow up to five weeks for design and printing, and plan to have the invitations in the mail three to four weeks prior to the event. For printed invitations or assistance with graphic design, please contact Jacqueline Reeves in room 1052 at (212) 790-0837 or after you have your copy completed. A copy of all printed materials must be submitted to the Office of Communications and the Office of Special Events before your event.

If you wish to invite the Dean to your event, please notify the Director of the Dean’s Office, Christine Arrozal (, as soon as possible, since the Dean’s schedule is extremely busy.

If you wish to invite alumni to your event, please contact Sharon Ashley Lewis, Director of Alumni Affairs, at


Office of Communications and Public Affairs - This office can establish any materials, posters, etc. that are needed for your event.  Please inquire as to specific pricing for your needs.

Emails - The Office of Special Events can send email announcements to the student body, faculty and administrators at Cardozo.  Please note that for each event the office may only send out one notice unless there has been significant changes to the information which need to be distributed.  (i.e. date change, location information, etc.)

Bulletin Boards - Internal organizations such as SBA groups and journals and moot court are welcome to post flyers on the appropriately labeled bulletin boards around campus.  Please note that you may only post one flyer on each board.  All content of information should be appropriate for a school event.  Please refer to the guidelines which are posted on individual bulletin boards and in the Student Handbook for further details on marketing at Cardozo.

Online Calendar - The Cardozo web calendar tracks all events taking place at Cardozo, as posted by the event host.  The SBA Executive Board, Editor-in-Chief of each Journal, Moot Court and all administrative offices have access to posting on this calendar.  If you have questions about logging into the site and/or posting on the calendar, please contact the Office of Special Events.

Weekly Events Calendar - Each Monday the Office of Special Events posts a weekly list of events by the elevators on campus.  This calendar is printed directly from the information posted on the web calendar.  To have your event posted on this calendar, your event must be confirmed and would have had to click display on the web in your original request.  Please note that the cut off for posting to the events calendar by the elevator is Friday of the week before at noon.

No events may be advertised on campus as for the purpose of solely drinking.


If you are arranging travel for any speakers and/or guests, please work with the Office of Business Affairs for our required travel company.


All audio/visual requests should be requested at the time of your event request via the online form. Please note that some rooms have limitations on their audio/visual capabilities.


The specific set up needs of your event (i.e. tables, chairs, coat racks, etc.) should be finalized with the Office of Special Events at least one week prior to your event.  Requests submitted on the day of the event will be honored as allowed.


Please note that all catering must be strictly OU Kosher and ordered through the office of Special Events.  All catering must be strictly OU Kosher and ordered through the Office of Special Events. A list of available catering package options from approved kosher caterers is available on the Cardozo website under the Event Planning & Catering page. The page can be found but clicking on current students on the home page. If you don’t see a package that works for your event, please contact the Office of Special Events directly at or ext. 414.

A student group holding a meeting without outside attendees may supply prepackaged unopened food for their group’s event and be reimbursed by your budget advisor only if the snack has one of the following approved symbols on the package:


The Office of Special Events is on site for each event to handle any last minute details.  If you know that you will need additional supplies for your event (i.e. placards for speakers, water for panelists, etc.), please contact the Office of Special Events in advance. 


Office of Special Events

Stacy Lansey, Office of Business Affairs

Office of Communications and Public Affairs

Dean Vogel, Library