See old friends, reminisce, and share what you have been doing since the last time you gathered with your class!

Class Gift
A gift in honor of your Reunion makes a significant difference to our students. Many alumni recognize the significance of this year and this event by making a donation as a multiple of their reunion year (e.g., those celebrating their 30th reunion might make a gift of $30, $300, or $3,000). It doesn't matter how much you give but that you give, which makes a statement about the importance of Cardozo to your professional life. 

Reunion Committees

Bruce Birnbaum
Shoshana Bookson
Loretta Gastwirth
Meredith Kornreich
Stephen Lief

Sandy Hausler
Sharon Lewis
Bennett Susser
Karel Turner
Joseph Vann
Ole Varmer
Noel Williams

Glenda Dixon
Stanley Goos
Tanya Kennedy
Marc Lieberstein

Jill Starishevsky

Aaron Strauss

Brad Bartolomeo
Liana Walczak

Yonit Caplow
Martina Davis
Kirsty Dymond
Lindsey Goble
Elana Jacob
Christy Limbach
Sara Liss
David Reap